Last passenger standing


In the Philippines, a bus aisle serves more than its purpose of letting passengers move in and out of the vehicle. That narrow space is for seat extensions to accommodate extra passengers who don’t want to wait for the next bus trip.

For buses without extendable seats for extra passengers, the aisle is for travelers willing to stand up for the duration of the trip. This functionality is most common in overpopulated Metro Manila where commuters cannot afford to get late for work or are eager to get home.

The bus aisle is also an important trade lane for the peanut, quail egg, buko pie, chicharon, bottled water and snack vendors who board buses every now and then to feed hungry passengers.

Lately, a new purpose for the bus aisle was discovered by Cebuano commuter Lyndon Placencia while aboard one heading for Bantayan Island. During his trip on Friday, he chanced upon the aisle seat passengers sleeping on the narrow floor while the bus was waiting for the Ro-Ro ferry at Jagnaya port.

The driver and conductor did not mind the lying passengers respecting their fatigue and need for sleep after a long trip that started at Cebu North Bus Terminal at 9:30 p.m.

Placencia took a photo of the scene and posted it on Facebook. The picture is now turning viral with more than 2,100 reactions and 3,500 share as of Saturday afternoon. Nothing beats Cebuanos when it comes to making bus aisle more useful.

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