50 years of NPA banditry, extortion


The year 2018 marked the 50th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Early 2019 marks the 50th year of the New People’s Army (NPA), the military arm of the CPP.

After 50 years, CPP founder Jose Ma. Sison has nothing substantial to show his comrades except the failure of their cause and the degradation of their outfits as bandits and extortionists living on the hard work of others.

Sison’s promise of a workers’ paradise in the Philippines has been continuously breached by leadership purges and the assassination of rivals.

The idea of violently overthrowing a duly-elected government, which is the cornerstone of CPP-NPA ideology, is repugnant to the concept of popular sovereignty which the CPP-NPA claims to uphold solely for propaganda purposes.

By 1970, the CPP-NPA organized labor groups and student activists to launch violent rallies in Manila, all in the name of Communist China’s Mao Zedong, and all designed to provoke the military establishment to resort to mass dispersals where only laborers and students got injured. Their communist puppeteers directed the rallies from a safe distance.

On 21 August 1971, the CPP-NPA ordered the bombing of the opposition political party assembly at Plaza Miranda, and blamed President Ferdinand Marcos for it. For more than a decade, the CPP-NPA encouraged that accusation. Even ex-Sen. Jovito Salonga, the most seriously wounded in that carnage, blamed Marcos.

When the truth surfaced after the 1986 EDSA Revolt, Salonga took back his accusation against Marcos.

The CPP-NPA plan to take over the Philippines was aborted in September 1972 when President Marcos placed the entire country under martial law. CPP-NPA leaders were declared outlaws, hunted down and detained.

To support their existence, CPP-NPA cadres extort “revolutionary taxes” from businessmen and industries in the countryside. Enterprises which do not pay up were harassed with deadly attacks and destructive arson. The extortion proved to be very profitable for the Reds.

Cadres of the CPP-NPA destroyed vital government infrastructure like roads, bridges, railways and electric posts in remote areas.

These cadres also infiltrated schools to recruit students to their godless ideology. Many students were enticed to abandon school and a bright future and take to the mountains.

The same cadres also infiltrated labor unions to create unrest in vital industries. Union leaders lived luxurious lives paid for by workers through their labor union dues.

Because unions infiltrated by the Reds made unreasonable demands on the management, many factories and enterprises closed shop, thus adding to the unemployment problem in the country.

When Sison and his fellow communists were released from detention in 1986 in the spirit of national reconciliation, they reorganized their cadres to destabilize the government anew.

Upon the discovery of their plot, Sison and his cohorts fled to The Netherlands where they currently live in luxury, thanks to the bulk of the “revolutionary taxes” which is sent to them religiously by the local communists.

History indicates that peace talks with the CPP-NPA are useless. Their negotiators make unreasonable demands in exchange for an empty promise not to engage in a shooting war with government soldiers. At the slightest excuse, the Reds breach their promise and the insurgency continues.

Cadres of the CPP-NPA have also infiltrated the partylist system in Congress. Each cadre or supporter votes for a particular Red partylist group, with each group assigned a minimum number of Red votes to ensure representation in as many groups as possible. Once in Congress, they focus on criticizing the government. Congressional funds allotted to them finance the communist movement and Sison’s luxurious lifestyle abroad.

So far, there are no worthwhile projects that can be attributed to the efforts of these Red partylist groups.

Communism will be an option only if the people are miserable. On that premise, the CPP-NPA has seen to it that for the past 50 years their efforts will be towards making the government fail and fall, so that a disappointed population will be compelled to embrace communism.

With a report card like that, it is no wonder that Sison kept the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the CPP-NPA low-key.

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