Round fruits selling like hotcakes

COME 31 of December, the prices of round fruits can increase by 30 percent due to increased demand. YUMMIE DINGDING

With a few more days before the New Year’s Eve celebration, Filipinos are expected to troop to various markets this weekend to complete their collection of 13 round fruits, said to bring luck to homes.

Fruit vendors at the Farmers’ Market in Quezon City warned consumers though to buy first fruits with hard crusts, such as watermelons, as they do not spoil easily.

“Grapes not yet, because they will rot. But the apples and oranges they’re good now,” fruit vendor Mergie Sabino said in a TV interview yesterday,

Prices of fruits as of presstime are: ponkan, P10-P15/piece; Fuji apple, P10/piece; green apple, three for P100; red apple, P25/piece; Century pear, three for P100; lemon, P20 /each; grapes, P200/kilo; seedless grapes, P300-P350/kilo; lanzones, P250/kilo; watermelon, P50 /kilo; seedless pakwan P60/kilo; melon, P80 /kilo; pineapple, P50 /piece; mango, P200/kilo; mangosteen, P300/kilo; pomelo, P180/kilo; chico, P150/kilo; and guava, P120/kilo.

The vendors said prices were stable, but they would definitely go up on the eve of the New Year with the huge demand for the fruits.

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