Manila eyes selling eggs to Singapore

Looks like Singapore and Malaysia have escalated their divergent views on the price of water to now include chicken eggs. contributed photo

The Philippines looks to fill up the space apparently left by Malaysia whose chicken egg suppliers seem to have become increasingly unwilling to supply their Singaporean neighbors with a commodity quite in abundant supply in and around Metro Manila.

This is a window of opportunity for our egg producers in the country who have been complaining of low egg prices and oversupply

This was learned on Friday from Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol who told journalists there is an opportunity here for Filipino poultry owners to come and exploit the space left open by Malaysian entrepreneurs.

Pinol said the price of chicken eggs is low in the Philippines due to oversupply, the exact opposite of the state of things in Singapore where the commodity has become increasingly expensive as its Malaysian egg suppliers seem increasingly unwilling to sell to their neighbor.
According to him, the government of Singapore is eyeing alternative chicken egg sources after its main supplier, Malaysia, announced that it may stop or limit its egg export to its neighbor to ensure sufficient supply for its own market.

“This is a window of opportunity for our egg producers in the country who have been complaining of low egg prices and oversupply,” Piñol said.

The latest Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) record show chicken egg production in the quarter ending September this year stood at 133.72 thousand metric tons equivalent to a 9.94 percent increase in the same period in 2017.

The farmgate price of chicken egg in commercial farms during the quarter averaged P4.43 per piece. This represents a decline by 3.84 percent from 2017 chicken egg prices.

Piñol disclosed he already scheduled a meeting with the Singaporean Embassy to discuss the matter.

“I have already directed our International Affairs Division to set a meeting between the Singapore Ambassador to the Philippines and I next week, or at least before the end of the year,” Piñol said.

“I will also discuss with her the aborted plan to export pork to Singapore and other agricultural products like vegetables from Bukidnon and dressed chicken,” he added.

Earlier, Singapore and Malaysia, next door neighbors in the 10-nation ASEAN, quarreled over the price of water the former imports from the latter, with one saying the neighbor has taken advantage of its generosity by paying too little for the commodity coming out raw from the Johor River.

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said around mid this year that Singapore pays a “ridiculous” price for its water and publicly stated he wants a renegotiation of the price.

The water agreement the two countries signed will expire yet on 2061 but entitles Malaysia to draw 250 million gallons of water from the Johor River each day for a set price.

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