Accessible and affordable ultrasound solution now available

Philips Lumify.

Royal Philips announces that Lumify, an ultrasound solution compatible with Android devices, is now available for qualified practitioners or medical organizations in the Philippines.

Philips’ ultrasound digital health approach connects compatible smart devices, a mobile application, advanced ultrasound transducer technology, integrated IT and support services, to help healthcare providers improve patient care and reduce costs.

Lumify, the Philips app-based ultrasound solution, helps healthcare professionals make fast, informed decisions. With Lumify’s full suite of point-of-care transducers, physicians in multiple care situations can take advantage of every crucial moment without the time and mobility restrictions of locating a cart-based ultrasound.

“At Philips, we understand the importance of designing quality technological health equipment for healthcare practitioners and patients at point-of-care. This is particularly important in the Philippines where care solutions are widespread geographically and that’s why we’re so excited to be launching Lumify in this market, putting high-quality devices in the hands of more professionals, to serve more patients in more locations” says Ashwin Chari, country manager, Philips Philippines. “While continuing to deliver exceptional image quality, Lumify is further extending the reach of ultrasound by creating better connections between clinicians and their patients.”

Ready when you are

Lumify is the first Philips ultrasound device for pre-hospital use and supports clinical applications including cardiac, abdominal including lung, ob/gyn, superficial, vascular, soft tissue, MSK, gallbladder and FAST exam pre-sets.

To use Lumify, HCPs need to download The Lumify App from GooglePlay, connect their Philips transducer to their compatible smart device and launch the app to begin scanning.

The Lumify App and all three transducers (L12-4, C5-2 and S4-1) are backed by a five-year warranty, each having gone through rigorous environmental and durability testing for reliability for any clinical setting. The S4-1 transducer and cable weighs 152 grams and is smaller than a smartphone, adding to its versatility and mobility. Beyond integrating with everyday technology, Lumify also uses cloud-enabled technology to connect with PACS, shared networks and system directories.

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