The nerve of these yellows!


The shamelessness and hypocrisy of the yellows really know no bounds.

There went outgoing Sen. Antonio Trillanes back again accusing the Duterte administration – and obviously President Duterte himself – of his alleged double standard of justice, even when it is and has always been the yellow regime of Aquino and his yellow allies that are guilty, not only of their double standard of justice, but worse, for their infamous brand of selective justice.

The shameless Trillanes hit out at Duterte on account of his being issued warrants of arrest by a court for the charge of libel, which certainly is a bailable offense despite the fact that when the yellows were in power and position, their idols, then Justice chief Leila de Lima and then Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, on orders of yellow President Noynoy Aquino, charged for plunder the three then opposition senators and were detained for years without bail. And yet today, no yellow ally of Aquino, including Trillanes, was ever been charged with plunder despite the fact that they, too, had questionable pork barrel funds. Now, he has the chutzpah to slam the current administration of double standard for his court ordered arrest on the libel raps filed against him!

In blasting the Duterte administration, Trillanes was quoted as saying that, “Justice under the Duterte government is twisted. The plunderers have been set free and cases are invented against the critics to get them imprisoned.”

Much earlier, in more serious cases he faced in court for his past coup attempts where he was granted bail for the charge of rebellion and acquitted on charges of coup d’état, which he staged at least three times but failed every time, Trillanes hailed the independence of the courts and stated that justice reigned.

Yet on libel raps that are bailable, where arrest warrants were issued, Trillanes slams Duterte for his alleged double standard of justice?

This really cements his shamelessness and hypocrisy.

Predictably, the detained Sen. Leila de Lima had to have her hypocritical statement, blasting the Sandiganbayan’s acquittal of former Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla of plunder charges, saying that it was a “sad moment for truth, justice and accountability.”

She even had the gall to warn that the senator’s acquittal sends the “wrong signal” now that pork barrel is making a comeback in Congress.

That’s a lot of sh*t from De Lima, considering the fact that she selectively filed plunder charges only against Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada and Juan Ponce-Enrile, the three opposition leaders. Not one ally of her yellow patron was charged with plunder and these were clearly trumped-up charges against the yellows’ political foes.

She should shut up and stop delaying her trial and the witnesses against her who have been waiting to testify on her drug charges as she was complicit with the drug trade of prisoners.

Her blasts against the administration are hypocritical as it is she who engaged in selective justice and embraced the double standard during her days in power and position!

Trillanes is being sued for libel by the President’s son, former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, who is gunning for a congressional seat, who filed his complaints over the senator’s claims linking him to the smuggling of billions of pesos worth of shabu and to extortion of ride-sharing firm Uber and other companies, which the senator failed to prove.

Trillanes, abusing his powers as a legislator, in a Senate hearing tried bamboozling the President’s son and claimed he had the proof of Paolo Duterte being a big-time drug smuggler connected to the triad, but couldn’t prove his accusations. He knew he had no proof, but used the hearing to embarrass the President’s son and, at the same time, hit out at the President.

As Sal Panelo, the presidential spokesman, said in a statement:
“Instead of facing this squarely, however, the senator from Bicol ranted and released a fiery statement before the media, attacking the administration as his usual style. Senator Trillanes is certainly out of his wits.

“Trillanes is a false accuser who, when hailed to court, cries like a baby reminiscent of staging a coup and surrenders instantly even without a gun being fired from the government forces,” Panelo explained.

Trillanes blasted the Duterte administration for slapping the crime of libel against him, when this hypocrite soon-to-leave-the-Senate, in a bid to shut up his critics, files baseless libel suits against journalists who criticize him. And he thinks he can get away with it because he is a senator.

Watch it, Sonny! By June next year, which is some six months away, whatever you say that is deemed libelous no longer grants you immunity and gets you more arrest warrants and perhaps face charges of non-bailable crimes with a long stay in jail.

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