Waterproofing your roof deck

ROOFS must undergo waterproofing right from the start of construction.

Roof decks, verandas and balconies lend a tropical vibe to your homes and give multi-storey dwellings a vantage point from which to look out on a nice garden or stunning cityscape — or simply a place to chill and enjoy an evening under the stars with your family.

However, these are parts of the house deemed extremely vulnerable to damage caused by constant movement and exposure to water and moisture. And with heavy rainfall or super typhoons now a recurring threat in the country, these areas must undergo waterproofing right from the start of construction with Optimum Flex, a sturdy and flexible cement-based waterproofing solution from Jardine Distribution, Inc.’s (JDI). Doing so will help waterproof these structures against potential damage and save you from costly and time-consuming repairs.

Optimum Flex is the most suitable type of waterproofing for your concrete roof decks because it is flexible and cementitious. It seeps into and permanently bonds with concrete to seal off pores and spaces where water may enter, while its optimum flexibility keeps concrete surfaces sealed against moisture despite frequent movements and tremors.

Optimum Flex likewise allows the surface to breathe, prevents the buildup of vapor pressure, and does not trap moisture, which is the cause of leaks.

Waterproofing occasionally requires back jobs because of errors in mixing and measurement, but JDI’s Optimum Flex leaves no room for this. It is very easy and convenient to use owing to its pre-packaged and pre-measured components of liquid polymer or emulsion and pre-mixed powder. Simply mix these together to produce a brushable slurry. Optimum Flex is set to dry and bond permanently with the concrete — in 20 minutes.

Optimum Flex is manufactured by BASF, a global leader in construction supplies. For more information, visit www.jardinedistribution.com.

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