Well gifted


Cleaning a well pays off well. In fact, three Ilocano workers who were asked to clean one inside the former convent of the Santa Monica Church in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte even received extra P10,000 as aguinaldo or Christmas gift for the dirty job.

The parish priest, Fr. Joey Ranjo, sought the cleaners recently after the well ran out of water used for watering the plants around the church. But he did not give away the money donated by worshippers to the cleaners who had to drain the well of its remaining water as part of the cleanup. The P10,000 was the amount of coins the cleaners found at its bottom.

The coins were apparently thrown by church visitors who considered it as a wishing well, according to Fr. Ranjo.

The cleaners might have taken an eternity to count that much coins to get the total value.
They must be really well gifted for finishing the painstaking task and, for that, they truly deserve the coins.

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