Power-packed planner makes magic

EACH page is styled to help users unleash their creative juices.

Since its debut a few years ago, BDJ has appealed to those who want something more out of their daily planners. This one, in 2019, takes you to a whimsical journey with the theme — “Make Today Magical.”

The new BDJ planner reinforces the concept of paradigm shift– the magic in changing the way you think, how you perceive things and how it can powerfully change the way you live.

This year, it comes with 12 monthly dividers with worksheets about lifestyle, fashion, career, finance — to help you discover your own magic, identify your mood, strengths, priorities and goals.

These worksheets include Make Things Happen, Checklist, Dream Board, Spirit Animal, Mood Tracker and Make Your Own Magic Spell. The planner also features an expandable pocket sleeve at the back for receipts, cards and bills safekeeping.

BELLE de Jour Power Planner 2019 Limited Edition.

The 2019 BDJ Power Planner comes in different styles—the classic cover (P598), limited edition (P598), leather (P680), disc-bound (P980)—that cater to every Bella’s distinct taste and need.

Aside from a magnetic bookmark, each planner also comes fully equipped with interactive monthly dividers that transform your planner magically with a Zappar app. Finally, the Perks of a Bella coupon booklet in the BDJ Planner offers P40,000 worth of treats and discounts, to make each of the Bella’s day magical all year round.

THIS year the planner comes with monthly dividers and worksheets about lifestyle, fashion, career and finance.

For this year, believe that the magic lies within you, and that you have the power to turn your goals into reality with Belle de Jour Power Planner. Get it now at all leading bookstores nationwide.

Discover more about Belle De Jour Power Planner on social media by using the hashtag #MakeTodayMagical. For more information, please visit ilovebdj.com.

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