Pinoy Gen Zers lack confidence


Filipinos born between the 1990s and 2000s or Generation Z consider themselves digital natives and digitally adept but worry they lack the skills required to succeed.

This was established in a study commissioned by the US-based computer technology firm Dell.

“Gen Zers in the Philippines fully recognize a future underpinned by technology and consider themselves digitally adept, yet worry they lack the soft skills required,” the commissioned study found.

The annual Dell EMC Realize 2018 is a platform for more than 200 business leaders and experts to discuss strategies on IT, security, and workforce transformations in the new digital era.

New research involving more than 700 Filipino students highlights their views on technology and the workplace.

Filipino digital natives are reshaping the workforce; 88 percent aspire to work with cutting-edge technology and 40 percent admit interest in IT careers.

Filipino youths are tech-savvy, but concerned about soft skills

Dell EMC Philippines recently hosted Dell EMC Realize 2018, a flagship annual event for its customers and partners in the Philippines to meet, connect and get insights from Dell EMC’s business leaders and experts to help accelerate their digital transformation journey. At the same time, the company officially reveals country insights from the recent global study titled “Gen Z: the future has arrived”, a study commissioned by Dell Technologies.

The study reveals that Generation Z (Gen Z) entering the workforce is bringing with it a technology-first mentality that will propel business further into the digital era while potentially deepening the divide among five generations in the workplace. According to the research, post-millennials – those born after 1996 – have a deep, universal understanding of technology and its potential to transform how we work and live, and Filipino Gen-Z have the most confidence in their technology skills among their peers in Southeast Asia and global (Philippines: 68 percent; SEA: 62 percent; Global: 52 percent) and are optimistic that they have the technology skills employers need.

“While digital transformation journey in the country is unique for every business, this survey shows that Filipino youth are ready to be part and shape that journey,” said Ronnie Latinazo, Country General Manager, Dell EMC Philippines. “It is a very encouraging development but also creating challenges for these businesses as they need to have the right strategy and technology to invite the right talents while at the same time find common ground for multi-generation workers in the workplace.”

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