‘Devil’ tagged in Ateneo grad’s slay

He did it The tipster fingers Jayvee Ugramis Santos as De Leon’s killer. ANALY LABOR

A tipster tagged yesterday the “devil” and his minor apprentice “Alias Pogi” in the cold-blooded killing of Ateneo de Manila graduate Francis de Leon past midnight of 1 December.

The police asset identified “Alias Diablo” Jayvee Ugramis Santos and a minor whose real identity cannot be revealed under the law as the suspects behind the ghastly crime.

The victim sustained numerous stab wounds, including one that pierced his heart. His throat was also slashed when his body was found sprawled on J. Molina corner Blue Bird streets in Barangay Concepcion Uno, Marikina.

The police said De Leon’s body did not show defense wounds, indicating that he either did not put up a fight or that the attack was so sudden, savage and treacherous that he was not able to react.

The victim, who earned praises from people he worked with at the Department of Education (DepEd) died just 500 meters away from their house. He was 23.

Gone too soon Francis de Leon dedicated himself to helping others, say those he worked with at the Department of Education.

Closed circuit television camera footage close to the crime scene showed the victim was walking all alone, leading the police to theorize that the killers were waiting in ambush in the dark during the witching hour.

De Leon was apparently killed so the perpetrators can get his mobile phone. His laptop was not taken, according to Marikina City chief of police Supt. Roger Quesada.

At the Marikina City Hall yesterday, the tipster, his face hidden by a bonnet, said he was bothered by his conscience that he chose to go to the police to tell all.

Marikina City Mayor Marcelino Teodoro had earlier offered P500,000 as reward to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of De Leon’s killers.

Quizzed by reporters, the tipster said Santos and “Alias Pogi” came to his house at about 8 p.m. last 30 November to ask him to join them in robbing anyone.

The tipster said he declined, but that he met again Santos at around 10 a.m. the next day during which the latter allegedly bragged about holding up someone with “Alias Pogi” on J. Molina Street.

Santos then offered to sell to the tipster the cell phone which the latter said they took from their victim. The asset said he refused to buy the phone.

At about 2 a.m. of 1 December, the tipster said he came to know of De Leon’s killing, leading him to surmise it was perpetrated by Santos and “Alias Pogi.”

According to Supt. Quesada, the two suspects were nabbed one after the other in Barangay Tumana and in Marikina Heights.

Santos was arrested while aboard a motorcycle with two other men who scampered away on foot when they noticed the policemen.

The DepEd sought justice for De Leon in its website, describing him as someone who “laid the foundations for contingency planning” for the department’s disaster management group.

Said the department: “He knew that the taking of lives and dreams, through action or inaction, and inflicting suffering can and never should be justified nor tolerated. He knew that justice could only truly be served by just laws under a free government.

“He knew that justice was not defined by revenge, but by societal transformation. We call upon the authorities to give him, and his family, this (justice). We call for a speedy, thorough, and just resolution to his case.”

with Krizara Tibus

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