Sex scandal cadets dismissed


Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Oscar Albayalde on Monday confirmed the dismissal of the three cadets who were tagged as principal accused in an oral sex scandal inside the police academy.

The order came less than a month after President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his disgust on the incident and ordered that the cadets be immediately kicked out from the PNP Academy.

Albayalde said the Philippine Public Safety College has recommended the dismissal of the three students from cadetship after forcing two underclassmen to perform oral sex on each other.

“The order for their dismissal is already for signature and it will be signed today,” Albayalde said in a press briefing.

Sacred cows

The three dismissed PNPA cadets, however, can still appeal their case within 15 days, the PNP chief explained.

He also stressed that they will not have any sacred cows in their organization.

“We should really show no mercy on cadets doing this act, because it will become a precedent,” said Albayalde.

One of the three cadets is said to be the son of a PNP general, who is reportedly assigned in Region 6. The father of one of the victims is an official of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology.

The incident took place last 6 October at the barracks of the PNPA campus in Silang, Cavite.
The senior cadet allegedly ordered the plebes to perform oral sex on each other while the two other cadets watched.

Command responsibility

Then PNPA director Chief Superintendent Joseph Adnol was sacked for command responsibility.

It was also during Adnol’s watch when nine cadets were beaten up by six upperclassmen after their graduation rites in March.

The cadets were found guilty of violating Rule 5 of PNPA cadet guide on sexual misconduct, undesirable traits and conduct unbecoming of an officer or acts inimical or prejudicial to good order or discipline.

Death squad

Meanwhile, Albayalde backpedaled from his earlier declaration and insisted that the New People’s Army (NPA) still has a special death squad unit.

Albayalde clarified that the NPA ‘sparrow unit’ that he was referring to that no longer exists was the notorious Alex Boncayao Brigade (ABB) led by Filemon Lagman, Arturo Tabara and Romulo Kintanar.

“It (ABB) was disbanded by the pro-Sison wing of the CPP/NPA/NDF in early 1990’s during its 2nd rectification period” he explained.

But since then, the pro-Sison wing also adopted its Sparrow-like operations against their perceived enemies,” Albayalde continued.

“Over the past three years, there had been 136 hits on soldiers, policemen, rebel returnees, local officials and tribal leaders by attributed to its special partisan unit based in the “red areas.”

These hit squads are now popularly referred to as the Sparrows,” he added.

with Kathleen Mae Bulquerin

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