Lost ring found

In this Dec. 1, 2018 photo provided by the New York City Police Department, an engagement ring recovered by the NYPD below a Times Square utility grate is shown in New York. Police say a man was proposing to his girlfriend just before midnight Friday when he dropped the ring and it fell about eight feet down a utility grate. Police were initially unable to find the ring on Friday night when the couple sought their assistance but located it Saturday morning. The couple did not leave their contact information and the NYPD would like to reunite them with their ring. (NYPD via AP)

NEW YORK — A trans-Atlantic love affair has sprouted between a once anonymous English couple who lost an engagement ring down a Times Square utility grate, returning home thinking it was gone forever and the New York City police officers who found it in the muck eight feet under.

“I cannot thank you enough, although I will try,” Englishman John Drennan said in a tweet directed at the New York police Sunday. “A few cold beers when we come back to NYC! We are completely overwhelmed and you will definitely get a mention at our wedding!”

Policemen had been looking for Drennan and his fiancé, Daniella Anthony, since they retrieved the ring Saturday morning. He proposed to her in Central Park and she said it slipped off her finger and fell into the Times Square grate late Friday night.

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