All theatrics, no substance


What a media hog with his theatrics Antonio Trillanes is.

There he went, knowing he would get media play, despite his stupid vow that he will go to jail voluntarily should President Duterte and his aides prove that his parents had anomalous transactions with government when he was still in the Navy.

This reaction stemmed from Duterte who pointed out that government is looking into deals entered into by Trillanes’ parents.

“We are investigating the deals during the time of both his parents. You can be very sure that details of all those contracts will come out,” the President said.

The senator’s father, who was in the military, died in the late ’80s while his aged mother was said to be a supplier for the Philippine Navy while he was still a naval officer. Some see a potential case of conflict of interest in their relationship as he was, at the time, still with the Navy.

But whether or not there were anomalous transactions entered into by his parents even as their son was in the Navy, or a case of conflict of interest, Trillanes knows he can’t be jailed for these alleged transactions.

But as usual, the senator used this to get himself into the media spotlight since he has not been featured for some time on the front pages.

Claiming he welcomes Duterte’s statement to investigate the transactions of his parents, Trillanes dramatically said he would even raise the ante, stressing that if Duterte finds anything anomalous, “I would voluntarily walk into any detention facility, even in Davao,” he added.

Either Trillanes believes that Filipinos are so stupid as to buy his theatrics and his moves to land on the front pages in feeding his ego, or it is Trillanes who is pretty stupid to state he would “voluntarily walk into any detention facility” and mean it.

It must be Trillanes who is stupid, and too much of a braggadocio that is all puff, mainly because he knows, or ought to know, being a legislator and a violator of the Constitution, that he cannot be jailed, even if he vows to walk into any detention center, should his parents be found to have engaged in anomalous deals, since it is not he who committed the crime.

Still, even as he tries to portray himself as a fearless and fierce critic of Duterte who will succeed in running the president out of office, Filipinos certainly know just how much he tries to evade prison time.

Recall that after his coup attempt failed, he hid himself to avoid arrest and prison.

In much the same fashion, Trillanes, during a hearing of his coup d’état or rebellion charges, conned his blind supporters into staging a wide-open coup, believing that his 11 million voters, plus the military, would be joining him as his group, some of whom were with the media, marched to Peninsula Manila Hotel in Makati as conquerors even if they realized that nobody followed them in their march.

He quickly sought succor, since no one, save for his blind followers, went with him or even served as his protector against the police and military who were at the ready to put an end to his Peninsula siege. Funny, for a coup plotter and stager, his stupidity causes him and his group to resort to use as their protective shields five-star hotels where power can easily be cut off.

This time, Trillanes couldn’t avoid arrest and detention and would have stayed in a military cell where he would have rot forever, except that when his yellow patron, Noynoy Aquino, became president, he was granted amnesty and was freed.

It is now the same amnesty grant that is being revoked by Duterte through his proclamation.
However, the senator again avoided arrest twice through two Makati court rulings where one branch granted Trillanes bail, since rebellion is a bailable crime, while the other branch gave a contradictory ruling that made Trillanes walk while at the same time stating that the Duterte proclamation is constitutional. Go figure.

Trillanes may yet see jail and it is not likely that he gets a pardon from either Duterte or presidents after him.

Worse, from the time he finally leaves the Senate, he will no longer have a forum, both for coming up with his bogus documents and other false claims, as well as the Senate’s style of probes resulting in trial and conviction by publicity through his investigations against Aquino’s yellow foes to make the public believe that they are guilty.

His stay in his Senate seat will be over, and with no senatorial status and privileged speeches as well as investigations, his days as a media hog may be over very soon.

His vow to walk into any jail may yet be fulfilled, if he keeps his word, should the appellate court reverse the decision of Makati judge that gave him a free pass.

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