Mole meanings


A mole, the black or brownish flat or lumpy spot on the skin, is a collection of melanocytes, the cells that produce the pigment of the skin. For some fortune tellers, though, a mole or moles can tell the character of a person. For someone with a mole in the center of one’s nose, they see that individual as an overspender, gambler and a flirt. One near the mouth means the person is talkative, while that on the sole of one’s foot means the person likes to be away from home.

Moles even tell luck and misfortune. One on either side of the nose suggests the person may fall extremely ill. Someone with a mole in the center of the skin above the upper lip may likely raise a large family.

A mole also means discomfort especially the elevated ones that rub on clothes. It can make a person famous, like the late rap pioneer Vincent Daffalong after he composed and popularized a song about such birthmarks in the 1980s. And like his song, titled “Mahiwagang Nunal,” a mole can indeed be mysterious.

For a six-year-old girl named Ella Mae Nagdarapan from Arakan, North Cotabato, “mysterious” is an understatement, especially that the black, hairy, uneven and throbbing mole grew on half of her head. Ella’s parents have to cover their daughter’s head for protection, so her classmates won’t notice and make fun of her.

For doctors who examined the girl, the mole which hurts when it gets wet and sometimes bleed was caused by a hematoma or blood clot during birth and a hemangioma or a tumor in the blood vessels. A dermatologist who examined Ella Mae last year said the mole is a giant nevus, a medical term for a skin tumor from the excessive growth of melanocytes.

A mole on one’s head may mean that one is intelligent. Ella Mae is a consistent honor student in her class, according to her teacher. But sustaining her academic performance requires removing the mole by surgery costing P600,000. For now, she leaves her fate to donors.

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