Nuts about ‘buko’

FRESH buko juice is now one phone call away with Coco Delivery.

Perhaps the fountain that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters is not a fountain at all, but a tree — the coconut tree.

The coconut’s water, locally known as buko juice, is a miracle drink that contains antioxidants that help bring back that youthful glow, plus it also has numerous health benefits.

We believe everyone deserves to have access to this healthy and refreshing drink anywhere, especially in the country’s capital

Coconut water is extremely good for the health since it is a good source of fiber, vitamin C and minerals that most people don’t get enough of. It is also proven to keep the body hydrated to prevent common health problems like urinary tract infections and low blood pressure.

Since coconut water forms naturally in the fruit and contains 94 percent water and very little fat, it also helps in weight loss.

There are many benefits to drinking coconut water. One, coconut water is packed with electrolytes that makes it better and comparable to sports drinks since it restores hydration, replenishes electrolytes lost during exercise and maintains proper fluid balance. Second, it is rich in potassium, shown to lower blood pressure in people with high or normal blood pressure and may potentially decrease the risk of blood clots forming in the arteries. Third, it is rich in magnesium, which may increase insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Coco Delivery makes it incredibly convenient to quench one’s thirst, the healthy way.

Of course, even if coconut water is healthy, anything that is too much can cause overdose, bloating and stomach upset. It is all about discipline and balance.

Fortunately for Metro Manila residents, fresh buko juice is now just a phone call away with Coco Delivery. It offers fresh coconut water with no delivery charge and no minimum order required. They deliver anywhere within Metro Manila, even right at one’s doorstep.

Convenience in the concrete jungle
At the launch of Coco Delivery at its headquarters on E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, a consumer admitted to testing the new venture’s promise of delivering even just a single bottle to one’s doorstep. Coco Delivery came through.

For fresh buko juice lovers, Coco Delivery is a godsend, making it incredibly convenient to quench one’s thirst, the healthy way. With no added sugar, sweeteners or even flavoring agents compared to other brands, Coco Delivery offers only the purest coconut water in a bottle, making it a hassle-free experience.

At the launch, Coco Delivery’s business unit head Dexter Tan said, “The Philippines is known to be very abundant and rich in producing the freshest coconut water. With this, we believe everyone deserves to have access to this healthy and refreshing drink anywhere, especially in the country’s capital. Coco Delivery addresses the gap between consumers and access to fresh coconut water, which is usually only available in restaurants, malls, or from buko sidewalk vendors and buko cart peddlers in the morning.”

Not only has this company worked its way to serving convenience, it has also made healthier living possible.

For only P65 for a 500mL bottle or P125 for a one liter bottle, customers can place their orders by dialing 8-COCO (8-2626) on their landline or 0998-8452626 and 0966-2992626 on their mobile phones. Payment methods include GCash and cash-on-delivery (COD) for real-time orders and bank deposit for bulk and pre-orders.

Coco Delivery accepts orders from Mondays to Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. with its first two branches located on Retiro in Manila and E. Rodriguez in Quezon City, and soon on Maginhawa and BF Homes Parañaque.

For more updates on Coco Delivery promos and offerings, visit and follow @cocodeliveryph on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

business unit head Dexter Tan briefing media guests during Coco Delivery’s launch.

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