Boycott Pampanga’s Best


Pampanga’s Best is a well-loved brand of preserved pork and a trademark “gift” of San Fernando, Pampanga Councilor Angie Hizon who is gunning for vice mayor in the 2019 elections.

People would have overlooked the multitude of posters all over San Fernando prematurely crying out for voters to shade her name on the ballot and the stories circulating that she had already “bought” barangay leaders but she crossed the line when she had the job order staff of the city’s current Vice Mayor Jimmy Lazatin detained by the police on the basis of false accusations.

Councilor Angie Hizon ordered the police to detain Mark Alvin Cortez on the charge of “spying” on her and accused him of cursing at her during a public event held at the City of San Fernando’s Heroes Hall.

According to Cortez, Hizon’s accusations are all false. He was attending the event and taking pictures of the attendees for documentation purposes. Upon seeing Hizon, he was said to have approached her and introduced himself as a former employee of Pampanga’s Best. He also may have mentioned that he was a job order employee of Lazatin.

For still unknown reasons, Hizon suddenly threw a fit and had him arrested.

Cortez spent time in jail, fearing the worst, perhaps with good reason, as residents of San Fernando told me that people have been known to disappear and show up dead after being arrested.

Perhaps, he could have borne his predicament more easily through those seemingly endless and uncertain hours fearing the worst had he not learned that the news of his detention for unknown reasons had reached his mother.

Thankfully, Vice Mayor Lazatin was able to immediately get hold of the chief of police at the station where he was detained and assurances for his staff’s safety were given.

Last I heard, Cortez had been released, but instead of just quietly brushing off the incident, he is preparing to sue Hizon possibly for illegal detention as well as perjury.

I don’t expect such a suit against a member of a powerful political clan in Pampanga to prosper at all.

Thing is, in preparing for the suit, Cortez’s mother was already given a runaround by the police in San Fernando when she tried to file a blotter report on the incident involving her son.
She was told to go from one police station to another until finally, perhaps seeing that she would not be deterred, she was finally allowed to file a report.

To me, Hizon ordering the young man arrested for taking a picture of her attending a public event seems warlordish to me, though not quite on the level of the Ampatuans and the Maguindanao massacre.

If at all, it seems petty and peevish of a public official to power-trip and punish the employee of a political rival just because… apparently… she can.

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