Commie spins too tiresome


There seems to be a recurring theme emanating from the Reds whenever they are arrested.

This came to the fore anew when Vicente Ladlad, a National Democratic Front (NDF) consultant, was served his warrant, arrested and charged, all proper and legal.

Ladlad’s wife Fides and other aboveground Red supporters, however, cried foul and decried the arrest, saying it was a frame up and claimed evidence were planted in violation of his human rights.

The wife threatened to file charges against police officials who charged Ladlad with illegal possession of firearms, a non-bailable offense.

Ladlad’s wife was fuming mad. She was not able to immediately see her husband who is now detained in Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City which, to many, is a lot better detention facility than the city jails and even the smelly New Bilibid Prison.

As expected, Bayan Muna’s Neri Colmenares got into the picture and put a spin to the legal arrest of Ladlad, saying arrests of NDFP peace consultants pose a negative impact on the peace process and put a big question mark on the Duterte administration’s sincerity in pushing for a just and lasting peace.

Colmenares, who lost his senatorial bid in a past election, said “it seems that state agents are now trying to replace farmers. Before it was tanim bala (planting of bullets). Now it is tanim baril (planting of firearms) and explosives to jail the critics of the Duterte regime. This must stop and let the peace process resume.”

Another Bayan Muna partylister, Carlos Zarate, echoed Colmenares’ pronouncements, saying the firearms and explosives Ladlad supposedly possessed were “highly suspicious.”

One has to ask: Why do aboveground commies who are puppets of Joma Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines, insist on resuming peace talks, yet continue damning Duterte and his government? How do they expect to have peace when they can’t even have it here at home?

There is a reason for them to insist on peace talks. The Reds want freedom from arrest while trying to overthrow the government and establish a dictatorship that is even worse than the Cambodian Khmer Rouge regime of dictator Pol Pot.

The spin of these aboveground Reds is unadulterated crap and Filipinos know this. The peace talks are dead but the commies continue to speak of the arrest as posing a negative impact on the peace process.

Their questioning of the sincerity of government is laughable since it has always been the commies who are insincere, taking advantage of the peace talks for their jailed commie commanders to be freed and escape quickly when peace talks collapse.

That Ladlad and his two companions were arrested alive denied the commies the opportunity to call it another extrajudicial killing.

The arrest yielded M-16 and AK-74 rifles, hand grenades and other supposed subservient documents which Ladlad’s wife claimed were planted.

She pleaded to Philippine National Police Chief Oscar Albayalde and the media to help her, saying the arresting officers didn’t want her to see her husband. She also threatened to charge the cops for illegal detention even as she refused to attend the press conference of the police on the arrest.

“No, you are not going to put me into that room. If so, I will charge you with illegal detention. I will hit you with all the charges of violations of human rights,” she said while police officials tried to restrain her.

This is more than proof positive of how commies and their activist supporters try to wiggle out of tight situations whenever they are caught by the cops or military.

A lot of the so-called NDF consultants granted temporary liberty by the courts to enable them to join peace talks in Europe certainly know of the conditions set in their bail grant from the court: They were to return to their prison cells after the peace talks.

It’s a welcome relief that President Duterte, who saw that the peace talks were going nowhere, had squashed the process altogether. And the commies, who refuse to keep their word and stop the New People’s Army’s extortion racket, have only themselves to blame.

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