Anne Curtis creates her dream work space

JACQUE Gutierrez and Anne Curtis.

Business partners and BLK Cosmetics co-founders Anne Curtis and Jacque Gutierrez recently transformed their new office into a dream working space in collaboration with Crate & Barrel. And they’re now enjoying doing business and welcoming guests to BLK HQ, the heart of BLK Cosmetics, an easy to use and uncomplicated makeup line.

A PASSION for uncomplicated beauty is reflected in their dream work space achieved using Crate&Barrel’s French Kitchen Bakers Rack, Origami Table and Rooke Pendant Light.

“I think it is essential to have a clean and relaxed environment at work,” says Curtis. “It is important to have a good space where you can really have enough room for creativity.”
“I really love the fact that Crate got our vision,” says Gutierrez. “I really love what they did to the place — making it warm, cozy and fuzzy.”

PETRIE Midcentury Sofa.

Anne and Jacque, together with the store’s design team, “created a space so that people, when they enter, first thing that they will see is the Hello Gorgeous signage above the couch. This makes people feel so welcome when they enter.”

CANTINA Bar Cabinet.

Anne’s favorite room accessorizing tip? “Adding really nice, small details. It just adds more charm to the room. Like I want to have nice throw pillows or comfortable blanket.”

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