MRAIL, Seoul Metro introduce B2S technology

Partnership MRAIL represented by its president and CEO Ferdinand Inacay and Seoul Metro led by executive director Suh Wan Suk signed an agreement appointing MRAIL INC. as Seoul Metro’s exclusive Philippine partner to introduce the Ballast to Slab Track (B2S@) solution to the country’s railway system. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Great improvements on the country’s railway system are on the way after MRAIL INC., a subsidiary of the Manila Electric Co., whose main focus is to support the railway industry was named by Seoul Metro to exclusively introduce the Ballast to Slab (B2S©) Track Conversion Solution to the Philippines.

The B2S© replaces ballast tracks with concrete slab tracks which is proven to enhance safety and minimize rail defects. The system also increases the service cycle of rails which will ultimately lead to improved passenger experience.

In 2012 Seoul Metro, the O&M of the Seoul Metro system pioneered a new system of converting its ballasted tracks to Slab tracks without disrupting revenue operations on its existing lines.

The system proved to be a game changer to the metro systems as it eliminated the periodic maintenance activities for the ballasted tracks as well as the systematic replacements of ballasts.

This pioneering innovation generated huge savings in operation for Seoul Metro and increased its train operations efficiency as train vibrations were significantly reduced.

Today, Seoul Metro is migrating all its ballasted tracks to the Slab Track configuration.

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