76% approve war on drugs


A huge majority, 76 percent, of respondents said in a survey they appreciate the Duterte administration’s relentless campaign against illegal drugs.

The Social Weather Stations (SWS) third quarter survey found 76 percent of 1,500 individuals polled were satisfied with the war on drugs while only 12 percent were dissatisfied resulting in a net satisfaction rating of +64.

The net satisfaction rating was one-point below the second quarter survey but remains in the “very good” range of the SWS grading system.

The Palace said it is elated about the survey results but added that these were expected.

Results anticipated

“That is expected because at the inception, the President believes that the majority of the Filipinos – if not overwhelming majority – support his drive against drugs and criminality as well as corruption,” Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said.

The SWS survey conducted on September 15 to 23 showed satisfaction with the government’s war on drugs was at an excellent +76 when it was first surveyed in September 2016. It was highest in December 2016 at an excellent +77.

“However, it has been at the +63 to +66 (very good) range since March 2017, reaching its lowest rating of +63 in September 2017,” the SWS said.

Despite falling from +84 in June 2018 to +70 in September 2018, the campaign against illegal drugs’ net satisfaction stayed excellent in Mindanao.

Approval constant

It stayed very good in Metro Manila although down by 12 points from +67 to +55, the lowest since September 2016.

The SWS survey also showed net satisfaction with the performance of President Rodrigo Duterte was higher among those satisfied with the war on drugs.

Last Tuesday, Duterte said he will issue a memorandum circular, directing the entire government machinery to mobilize its assets and to take an active role in the anti-illegal drug campaign nationwide.

Duterte said he also wants to form a task force on anti-illegal drugs composed of different law enforcement agencies.

The task force will be composed of the Philippine National Police, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Bureau of Customs, the Philippine Coast Guard and other government agencies.

Gradeschool tests okay

The same survey revealed at least half of Filipinos favor making drug tests mandatory for Grade 4 students and older pupils or those aged 10 years and above.

The poll showed 51 percent of 1,500 adults respondents agreed with the proposal, 36 percent disagreed while 13 percent were undecided.

The proposal was most welcomed in the Visayas where 69 percent of respondents agreed, followed by Metro Manila (53 percent) and Mindanao (52 percent).

Respondents from Luzon were the least receptive to the idea with only 41 percent supportive of the proposal.

“Agreement with the proposal was highest among those who are satisfied with the performance of President Rodrigo Duterte,” the SWS said.

“Satisfaction with the campaign against illegal drugs was excellent in Mindanao and very good elsewhere.”

The survey was conducted three months after the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) said it will push mandatory drug testing among teachers and students in Grade 4 and up.

PDEA officials noted they have rescued a minor as young as 10 years old involved in illegal drugs.

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