Troubled girls bolt MYRC


The way children in conflict with the law (CICL) are bolting the Manila Youth Recreational Center (MYRC) with ease, the facility in Arroceros, Manila may well have no walls at all.

This as another mass escape was recorded at MYRC with 11 girls facing various offenses sawing a metal fence at the back of the compound on their way to freedom at dawn yesterday.

The girls, who were lodged at the second floor Mahinhin Dormitory, were mostly facing charges like dealing illegal drugs, gambling, snataching and robbery.

The MYRC is operated by the city government of Manila and is secured by its civil security force. Its officials and employees did not entertain questions from members of media about the latest incident of children under their supervision escaping.

Last month, 37 boys escaped by scaling the wall at the back of MYRC. Twelve were recovered while one was arrested after staging a robbery.

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