Four dishes to pair with beer

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To celebrate or to relax, many people pop open a bottle of beer. But you don’t have to go to a pub or bar. Why not take a bottle (or two) home and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. And what’s even better than having a cold pint of your favorite beer on the couch? Having a great dish to pair it with!

To help make every beer experience much more satisfying, Electrolux with its newly launched Life app brings to you a list of dishes you can whip up that, while delicious on their own, pairs wonderfully with different types of beers too!


Lagers are famous for their crisp and refreshing taste accompanied with a smooth finish, a result of the aging process used in brewing them. Lagers typically go well with shellfish and other light seafoods. A simple, classic pasta dish with a seafood mix of shrimp, mussels, fish and calamari mixed together with a red tomato sauce would work wonders with a refreshing lager.


Dry, crisp and bitter are the usual characteristics of any pilsner along with a distinct hop taste. They are identified easily with their golden color and are a staple amongst many beer drinkers. A favorite dish to go along with pilsners are wings, be they Asian-inspired or plain buffalo. We recommend some hot wings with a blue cheese dip. Create delectable wings at home by coating them with a special marinade made from Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco Pepper Sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce and some garlic. Stick it in the oven and melt a dollop of blue cheese with fresh cream and voila, you have a perfect dish to go with your pilsner!


Ales are some of the more robust and complex beers with their distinct fruitfulness, acidity and bitterness. They are also some of the darker beers ranging from gold to a somewhat amber color. Ales, due to their variety, would go well with a large range of food but a favorite pairing has to be with a burger.

SEAFOOD Spaghetti.

Add some garlic powder to lean ground beef and don’t forget the salt! Then season with black pepper to taste, place the grilled patty on top of a sesame seed bun along with your favorite toppings and sit back with your favorite ale.


Stouts are typically dark and have a coffee-like character. They feature a roasted type of flavor. Desserts are a favorite to go along with a pint of stout. Some chocolate espresso truffles, for example, would perfectly complement the roasted flavor of a stout. Anyone can make these chocolate truffles by melting some chocolate chips, instant espresso and heavy cream to make a ganache and rolling them into a ball.

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