Blending the magic of Christmas

IT’S a magical Christmas with these Starbucks planners and travel organizers.

Christmas in the Philippines feels extra special most likely because of the ways Filipinos celebrate it. As soon as the “ber” months usher in, streets are beginning to be decorated with the brightest lights, colorful parols and beautiful pine trees styled to give the community a festive atmosphere. By December, kids would knock on every house, singing carols with their makeshift instruments in return for small aginaldo. These traditions as practiced by most Filipinos highlight the season of giving and sharing, a time best spent with the family and friends.

For giant coffee brand Starbucks, the holiday season means looking back at memories with the most delicious beverages and treats. Nostalgia is in the air as the brand welcomes Christmas with returning favorites, Toffee Nut Crunch Latte and Peppermint Mocha, which will be available in hot, iced and blended format. Partner these with the fluffy almond matcha doughnut, choco peanut butter bun, baked cheese tart and cereal milk pudding.

“Christmas is not Christmas without these traditions. And these traditions spent with loved ones become our goals and cherished memories. This year at Starbucks, the blend is the magic. It’s where all the things we love about the season come together to make our Christmas experience extra special because we are the best when we are together,” said Keith Cole, marketing head of Starbucks Philippines.

STARBUCKS Christmas Blend featuring the rare aged Sumatra beans.

Starbucks is also introducing their newest holiday offering, the Snow Cranberry White Mocha, a blended beverage of espresso, velvety steamed milk, toasty white chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream and cranberry sugar sprinkles. The Christmas Blend’s Sumatra beans, also a cherished tradition of Starbucks, is now offered with a more distinct flavor together with the lively Latin American and Indonesian coffees.

Aside from these holiday food items, the brand launched new Starbucks card designs which you can activate with an initial amount of P300 each.

“It’s always positive for the brand and really more for the customers. Our customers really wanted to experience Christmas through our beverages in our stores and they also want to take home a bit of Starbucks to experience it all year round. We are enthusiastic and we just believe that merchandise completes the experience,” Cole said.

To tweak things up, aside from the annual planner promotions, Starbucks is introducing their travel organizers which customers can collect by accumulating 18 stickers when they avail themselves of any tall, grande or venti handcrafted beverages starting 2 November.

“We try to create products that have affinity for our customers, but yes some of our products are designed for millennials. It is actually designed for all ages but millennials do play a large role in our customer base,” Cole added.

ADDING to the holiday season’s menu is the brand’s newest blended beverage offering called Snow Cranberry White Mocha.

He further explained that the brand wants to give choices to their customers: “We went from just one planner, then two, three and four. This year, instead of offering more designs we decided to offer different experience because of the feedback from our customers. They love to travel and bringing planners with them and an organizer will be fantastic. We see that our customers are not only into hand writing or journaling, but they also are in a digital space right now. Since we are launching the e-stickers, we figured that you can have your mobile phone along with your planner, organizer as well with headphones inside. That will be a holistic experience.”

Starbucks also brought in the Pumpkin Spice Latte in time for the holidays. “Pumpkin Spice for me is a little bit of a milestone because it’s a very popular beverage in the United States. It’s a very limited time offering. We’re probably one of the few markets that has that in Asia Pacific.”

Starbucks Philippines holiday promotions runs from 2 November 2018 until 7 January 2019.

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