2019 JET program now open


The Japanese Embassy has announced the 2019 Japan Exchange Teaching (JET) Programme-Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Japan is now open for application by Filipinos.

The JET Programme was introduced in 1987 to help deepen mutual understanding between the people of Japan and those of other countries through foreign language exchange and cultural immersion at the local level.

The JET Programme was first offered in the Philippines in 2014. Since then, the Embassy has already sent a total of 94 JET participants as ALT to Japan.

From only two and eight participants for 2014 and 2015 respectively, the number of accepted participants grew to 28 in 2016; 16 qualified in 2017 and this more than doubled in 2018, with a record number of 40 Filipino ALT admitted.

The Embassy of Japan expects the positive trend in the number of Filipino JET to continue in the 2019 run of the program.

Those who are selected as ALT will work in public schools or local boards of education in the prefecture or municipality they will be assigned to. The primary task of an ALT is to assist in classes led by Japanese teachers of English.

To be eligible, an applicant must be a Filipino citizen, possess excellent English ability both orally and in writing, physically and mentally fit to work abroad and hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, or be able to obtain such qualifications by the designated arrival date.

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