Yellow longevity’s crash


Having no real issues to hit out at President Duterte who continues to enjoy the approval and trust of majority of Filipinos despite his strongman tactics, Liberal Party president Sen. Francis Pangilinan was at it again the other day as he tried to get publicity for him and his LP by coming up with non-issues.

“Everything in the case of Fox’s deportation was done within the law.

Pangilinan slammed Duterte and his administration’s deportation order against Australian nun Patricia Fox, saying getting her deported was a sign of “fear, cowardice and weakness.”

“Deporting a 70-year-old, ailing nun is not a sign of power and strength. It is a sign of great fear, of cowardice and of weakness,” Pangilinan said, adding that Duterte and his administration are afraid to lose power, the reason they had Fox deported.

Pangilinan would have flunked in philosophy, as his logic, which can be had through syllogism, has a clear absence of logic.

Fox is a threat to Duterte’s power? Deporting a missionary on a missionary’s visa is a sign of “great fear, cowardice and weakness?”

What? Duterte and his Immigration agency are so afraid of the aged nun that she had to be deported? How much of a coward is Duterte to ensure that Fox is out of the country because he fears her? Duterte is such a weak leader that instead of having Fox stay, he had her deported? Where’s the logic in that argument?

How idiotic can such an LP argument get, especially since Fox was given in full, her due process? She was not instantly deported, and Fox should have been deported instantly, since it was clear that she, a foreigner, had violated her missionary visa and the Bureau of Immigration (BI) certainly had evidence of her actively participating in leftist rallies and protests, which is a clear violation of the rules on foreigners.

Yet another stupid remark came from a priest, Fr. Angel Cortez (who he?) saying that the situation (on Fox deportation by Duterte) is no different from the martial law years of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Cortez should check his facts first before making this idiotic statement. Fox was given her full due process and the law was followed.

It is to be stressed that the BI called for Fox’s deportation after a lengthy review of the case against her. Fox and her above-ground commie friends, elevated the case to the Department of Justice (DoJ) which took something like two months to come up with a decision. The case was remanded to the BI after a motion for reconsideration to the DoJ was rejected.

The BI finally came up with a decision ordering the cancelation of Fox’s missionary visa but gave her a visitor’s visa for a short stay which was not renewed. She was finally ordered deported the other day and has finally left the country permanently, although, with an air of bravura, she claimed she would be back.

Everything in the case of Fox’s deportation was done within the law. What then was Pangilinan yakking about?

“The crash of the LP plan appears long-lasting.

Pangilinan should check things out before yakking, considering that it was the yellows’ justice chief, the now-detained Leila de Lima who drafted the implementing rules on the deportation of foreigners who join protests, for or against government.

“This administration is deathly afraid of losing its grip on power and so even a 70-year-old, ailing nun critical of government’s abuse must be deported,” Pangilinan stated.

Duterte is deathly afraid of losing his grip on power? That’s really laughable, considering that it is the LP under the yellow president, Noynoy Aquino, which had planned for at least a 12-year stay in political power. It is for this reason that Aquino and his allies schemed to destroy all the then strong presidential candidates to ensure the victory of the LP. Also part of the plan was the use of the Smartmatic machine’s “magic” — until of course, the Aquino-LP plan crashed completely when along came the reluctant presidential bet, Rody Duterte.

The crash of the LP plan appears long-lasting as today’s LP and yellows can’t even get a strong opposition coalition going. More to the point, no LP appears to make it to the Senate — if surveys are to be believed.

Even Mar Roxas, once identified with the yellows, appears to be distancing himself from the LP and the yellows, even sported a blue T-shirt instead of a yellow T-shirt which used to be fashionable years back. Neither was Mar present during the opposition coalition’s presentation of candidates.

It is not difficult to see how the LP, the yellows, Reds and the Whites have lost of all credibility, confidence and trust of the Filipino people and all because of their frustration at being so unsuccessful in ousting Duterte.

This is what happens when political plans for longevity crashes. The yellows are done for.

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