Friendship in volleyball


They say true friends are hard to find.

I say it’s true.

You have to spend a lot of time, a lot of challenges, a lot of memories with a very special person for him or her to be considered as your true friend.

Your friendship must be forged through fire and stand the test of time

Your friendship must be forged through fire and stand the test of time.

In a very competitive field like volleyball, winning a true friend is also quite difficult.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for me to gain friends as I won them right in my rookie season with De La Salle University in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP).

We know that becoming a Lady Spiker is not an easy process.

As I’ve said in my previous columns, I was not a blue-chip recruit or a hot rookie, but I made sure that I was working hard with an open heart and an open mind to become the better version of myself day in and day out.

There was a lot of pressure right from my very first day at La Salle.

Every year there’s a goal to be achieved and a new challenge to overcome. The coaches told us that we should always level up our performance and improve ourselves because a lot of talented players arrive every year and are ready to take our positions.

That’s why when I entered La Salle, I immediately struck a friendship with my fellow rookies.

Cienne and Camille Cruz as well as Carol Cerveza were the stars of Hope Christian High School while Victonara Galang was a high school sensation from Angeles University Foundation.

In this photo, Vic, Camille, Cienne, Carol and I are having a light moment during a team dinner at the house of one of our managers, Tito Eric Ongkauko. I’m really glad to have met these fine ladies as they are not just my teammates and batchmates — they are also my good friends.

All of them became my friends.

I was taking Psychology while Cienne, Camille and Ara Sports Psychology and Carol Engineering in our rookie season. Then, they changed courses in third year with the Cruz twins joining me in taking up Psychology while Ara and Carol took up Entrepreneurship.

However, it was Vic (I prefer to call her “Vic” because “Ara” is too girly LOL!) whom I got to spend a lot of time on the court.

In our team, we were taught to stay together and lift each other up. That’s how a team works.

We were also told that you’re not doing it for yourself, but for your entire team — from your teammates to the coaches down to the utility personnel and everybody in the community.

And as we got to experience that, our bond tightened and our friendship slowly developed.

There was a lot of pressure right from my very first day at La Salle.

As for Vic, we watched each other’s backs inside the court. I always ask her to remind me whenever I commit mistakes in blocking or when I lose focus.

Sure, we have other teammates who were also close to her, but I can say that we’re pretty close since we were batchmates.

On the same note, she also treats me as her friend.

She’s always there to comfort and motivate me inside and outside the court. I can share my problems with her and she’s very generous in giving advice without judging me.

She may look shy and quiet, but she’s really makulit (importunate) and super fun to be with.

Our La Salle days may be over and they are no longer wearing the same volleyball jerseys as mine, but I can say that I still keep my beautiful friendship with Vic, Camille, Cienne and Carol.

We remain very good friends that every time we see each other, we couldn’t help but spend countless hours chatting just to update each other about the latest news about our respective careers and life in general.

They say that true friends are hard to find.

But if you spent a lot of time, overcame challenges and made a lot of good memories with a particular person, chances are you will remain friends — very good friends.

There were some misunderstandings and we had our own share of catfights and quarrels, but it was all part of the journey.

Our friendship runs deeper through time.

I’m very lucky to have batchmates, teammates and friends like them.

I’m glad I found them.

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