Not so savvy cabbie


Online cockfighting is illegal and operators of such Internet-based gambling have been arrested in the past. As for e-sabong players, there are no reports of such online betting patrons being caught in the act. But that doesn’t mean the e-sabungero is felony-free. Not for one who tried to recover his gambling loss by trying to drive a taxi that he does not own.

The e-gambler hailed the cab of Rommel Lorella midnight of Monday and told the driver he would be picking up someone who was going to the airport. When they got to the gate of a house in Agno St., Barangay Doña Josefa, Quezon City, the passenger asked Lorella to fetch the supposed traveler.

The passenger must have thought Lorella was so dumb for leaving the taxi to a stranger as he drove it off. It was the other way around though. The carnapper did not get too far as the taxi stalled when the safety switch was triggered.

The victim called for help and together with the village watchkeepers found the empty taxi later. They also caught the carnapper hiding in the trees.

In a last-ditch attempt to escape from his predicament, the suspect explained that he was just borrowing the taxi to recover his losses from online cockfighting. But the unsavvy car thief’s luck had run out. He is now facing carnapping charges.

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