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The Daily Tribune has joined hands with the United Nations (UN) and other media organizations in the world in promoting global efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change.

In collaboration with the UN Foundation, the UN recently initiated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Global Media Compact that aims to incorporate mass media towards the achievement of the 17 SDG targets that world leaders have adopted during the historic Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015.

The SDG Global Media Compact — encompassing more than 100 media and entertainment outlets — recognized the Daily Tribune as one of its founding members, the only media organization in the Philippines to gain such an honor.

Daily Tribune conveyed its readiness to rise up to the challenges entailed with the SDG Global Media Compact

“The SDG Global Media Compact is a welcome development as it provides an avenue for the paper to obtain authoritative views and reports related to the global targets until 2030 when the duration of the program is completed or Agenda 2030,” the Daily Tribune said in a letter sent to the UN Assembly.

In a speech during the launch of the SDG Global Media Compact, Channels Media Group-Nigeria chairman Olusola Momoh said the group is an alliance of news and entertainment media committed to work with the UN in fostering public discourse and spur action on the SDG.

Common goals
“I am proud to present you the SDG Global Media Compact. We are an alliance of news and entertainment media and we are committing to work with the United Nations to foster public discourse and spur action on the Sustainable Development Goals,” Momoh said, adding “we will increase our content on the issues spelled out in the 2030 Agenda and discuss solutions.
Where necessary, we will hold governments to account for the bold promise they have made to their people and to the world.”

The launch of the SDG Global Media Compact — which is also supported by FleishmanHillard — was made at the sidelines of the UN General Assembly at the UN Headquarters where Momoh explained the founding media organizations already comprise an audience in the billions, spanning over 80 countries and four continents.

“Together, we commit to playing our part to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals,” Momoh said.

Undersecretary General for Global Communications of the UN Department of Public Information Alison Smale, on the other hand, noted that news and entertainment media have a critical role in propagating new ways of behaving.

“Achieving the goals by 2030 will require concerted actions by everyone. By telling stories, news and entertainment media have a critical role in multiplying messages and propagating new ways of behaving,” Smale said. “As major players in fostering the SDG discourse, they are also key in holding governments accountable.”

Inclusive deal
The SDG Global Media Compact is inclusive and aims to embrace media companies from all regions and all platforms as participating organizations will have the opportunity to create content partnerships with the UN whereby the organization will increase its efforts to source and share high-value media content and newsworthy opportunities relating to the SDG.
Regular monitoring and review meetings will gauge engagement.

Aside from the Daily Tribune the founding compact members include Al Jadeed TV-Lebanon, Aljoumhouria Newspaper-Lebanon, Annahar Newspaper-Lebanon, The Asahi-Shimbun-Japan, Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcast Development, Association of Commercial TV in Europe, Association for International Broadcasting, Athina 9.84 Radio station-Greece, Channels Media Group-Nigeria, China Media Group, Daily Star Newspaper-Lebanon, Deutsche Welle-Germany, Discovery, Inc., Eurasia-Azerbaijan, European Broadcasting Union, Kathimerini-Greece, LBCI TV-Lebanon, Lebanon Files News, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting-India, Naharnet News-Lebanon, National Union of Tunisian Journalists-SNJT, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun-Japan, Nippon TV-Japan, RLL Radio-Lebanon, RRI – Radio Republic of Indonesia, Sound Diplomacy, Tass-Russia, This Day-Nigeria, TVC-Communications-Nigeria, TV-BRICS-Russia and VDL Radio-Lebanon, Ziff Davis.

Timely role
For its part, the Daily Tribune conveyed its readiness to rise up to the challenges entailed with the SDG Global Media Compact, noting that the visions and goals of the group are akin to achieving the Philippines’ ambition for inclusive growth and social equality.

The newspaper — which is recognized as the Most Innovative Broadsheet for 2018 in the 44th Philippines Business Expo — expressed its preparedness for the new role, stressing that the UN campaign can be extensively promoted with its national distribution.

“The daily broadsheet, which has been in existence for more than 18 years, balances the selection of news stories to reflect the true state of the country and the unending struggle to improve it,” Daily Tribune told the UN.

With its different platforms plus its multimedia and social media services — including Concept News Central and tribune.net.ph — the Daily Tribune is ready to become UN’s reliable partner in providing timely information in the global quest to meet Agenda 2030.

SDG propagation
Being one with the UN Assembly’s campaign, the Daily Tribune remains instrumental in propagating factual and developmental stories that impact on the lives of the poor and among the social issues the broadsheet is tackling is the eradication of poverty, gender equality and disinformation and misconception on policies affecting investments and relations with other countries.

The Daily Tribune has contributed greatly by exposing anomalies such as the misuse of public funds in various projects that are tackled in its opinion columns, comprehensive reports and multimedia contents.

It also believes that the battle against corrupt practices greatly contributes to the effort to eradicate poverty and achieving an inclusive society.

Daily Tribune is also willing to have a close engagement with Agenda 2030 through the use of contents from the UN, including opinions, feature stories, infographics and multimedia pieces, and to provide adequate space for the partnership under the SDG program.

“The newspaper shall continuously serve as an avenue to correct disinformation and misconception on policies affecting investments and relations with other countries as any adverse effects hit the poor the hardest,” the newspaper added.

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