Vic and Maine in new sitcom tonight

VIC Sotto and Maine Mendoza.

What do you get when you bring a promdi widower, his pasosyal unica hija and their constant disagreements together in one posh condo unit?

Beginning tonight, 13 October, viewers are in for more exciting and hilarious nights as GMA Network debuts its newest sitcom, Daddy’s Gurl.

Bringing in the laughs is the duo of Vic Sotto and Maine Mendoza as Barak and Visitacion “Stacy” Otogan. Barak is a devoted husband and the owner of Otogan Farm in Batangas.

Visitacion, on the other hand, is Barak’s daughter who changed her named to Stacy when she moved to Manila. She is a trendsetter slash influencer slash digital maven whose daily goal is to trend on social media.

Adding fun to the sitcom is Wally Bayola as Marikit Otogan, the wife of Barak. When she passed away, her soul did not really leave and she is able to talk only to Barak through a portrait she left behind. Oyo Sotto plays Lance Saavedra, Stacy’s strict boss. He’s a smooth talker and thinks very highly of himself.

Joining them are other characters that will add color to their everyday lives: Angelika de la Cruz as Aling Oprah, the single and always available neighbor of Stacy and Barak who has a crush on him; Chamyto as himself, Oprah’s assistant;  Benjie Paras as Tomas or Tom, Barak’s kind but gullible helper who comes to Manila with him; Jelson Bay as Gerardo or Gerry, Barak’s right-hand man who may be small but thinks big; Chichirita as Beauty, Stacy’s friend and officemate; Kevin Santos as Daboy, Stacy’s handsome and sophisticated but not-so-manly friend.

WALLY Bayola as Marikit Otogan.

When Barak lost his wife, Marikit, he became set on fulfilling her dying wish — that he guides and watches over their only daughter, Visitacion, until such time that she can stand on her own feet. And so, he decided to move to Manila to be with her. But coming from the province, Barak is not used to urban condo living, and Visitacion is not used to having her dad and his “old school” habits around. They may fight a lot over everything, but soon they learn that despite their so-called generation gap, they’re a family. And to put it simply, they love each other. Visitacion, or “Stacy” as she would like to call herself, is a daddy’s girl after all.

Under the helm of Chris Martinez and production of M-Zet Productions, join Barak and Stacy’s adventures and misadventures in Daddy’s Gurl every Saturday night after Pepito Manaloto on GMA-7.

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