Double goodness from the Perkins Twins

THE film shows the twins trying out action and tear-jerking scenes. YUMMIE DINGDING

No, you’re not seeing double. You’re looking at Jesse and Christian, more popularly known as the Perkins Twins, and they’re on a mission to inspire the youth to reject pre-marital sex, drugs, smoking and all forms of bullying.

The young men are the sons of Tarny, an American, and Tess, who hails from Tuguegarao. The twins are bent on using their singing talent and the movie Kaibigan to inspire their fans to practice good values.

Thus, they’re busy with campus and mall tours nationwide, and talking about doing what is right in dealing with important issues facing the youth.

They’re happy to make people feel better, spreading the word of God and setting a good example for the youth.

Having set their goals and knowing how big their influence is on their fans, the twins have embarked on their first full-length film aptly entitled Kaibigan.

The first-time actors got stellar support from seasoned performers Cesar Montano, Tirso Cruz III, Lani Mercado, Alvin Anson, Carla Martinez, Jean Garcia and Boots Anson-Rodrigo.

JESSE and Christian Perkins.

The movie tells the story of two high school students (Jesse and Christian) facing problems a lot of young people are going through. They make wrong choices and suffer the consequences. Its heart and soul lie on the restoration and redemption of man.

Sounds a bit preachy? Christian doesn’t think so. He thinks that the film is far from boring just because it revolves around faith. For him, the Christian life is the abundant life. It is full of blessings. But it has trials as well.

Kaibigan depicts these in action scenes, tear-jerking moments, suspense elements and great music.

Adding star power to the film is Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin, who not only played one of the characters, but shared his rich experience and expertise in film production with the cast and crew.

Tarny and Tess believe in the film so much, they did not hesitate getting the support of President Rodrigo Duterte himself. Their efforts paid off. The President extended his meeting with the couple from 15 minutes to one hour. He was upbeat throughout the meeting because it mirrors his own fight against drugs.

Besides the Philippine President, the film producers also found allies in the Dangerous Drugs Board, the Department of Education, the Philippine National Police and provincial governors and mayors who believe in the movie’s advocacy.

Jesse and Christian have seen beyond the movie, and want to make it the springboard for a movement that would spread hope among the youth. The twins plan to do this by performing in schools, malls and festivals.

Tarny noticed that the country lacks providers of “positive content and the love of Jesus to the Philippine audience.” He’s planning to plant more good seeds by putting up a production company devoted to creating family-friendly content for different platforms, including games, television and movies.

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