Out of many, only 12 chosen


Within a matter of days, all candidates for elective seats, local and national, will have been done filling up their certificates of candidacy (CoC) for their desired elective posts. This would be the right start for survey firms to conduct their pre-election surveys, since they would now know just how many candidates are faring in the early days and give them enough time to improve their rankings. Earlier pre-election surveys had over 40 candidates for the Senate alone, which make them really useless surveys, since many of them would hardly make it to the Senate Magic 12.

Truth is, the list of would be bets in the survey was too unrealistic since it was pure guesswork on the part of the survey firm in listing supposed senatorial candidates many of whom stated that they were not running.

Expectedly, these survey picked bets had a very poor showing — even the known movie stars fared poorly, including celebrity Kris Aquino, who was way down in her chances to even come up with a respectable early survey respondents’ vote.

The general public more or less is aware of the politicians who usually make it to the top 12 to, at most, maybe 15 who would have better chances of dislodging one or two senatorial candidates in the 12th spot. It all depends on their campaigns. For the veteran senators who seek reelection and former senators who seek a new term, their record as senators as well as their charisma and closeness with the masses, who make up the bulk of the national electorate will matter, as well as name recall.

The yellows that once had to reject many senatorial and congressional wannabes when they were seen as early winners in 2015-2016, today can’t even seem to attract those who wish to run for the Senate under the Liberal Party (LP) banner.

Who the yellows seemed to have as candidates under the LP may not even land an elective seat. Even a yellow reelectionist senator, Bam Aquino, has a very low ranking and may not be able to clinch a Senate seat in 2019.

It’s still early days but getting into the Magic 12 may be an impossible dream at this time and, perhaps even later, since the yellows are hardly popular these days, as the Filipinos still remember how poorly Filipinos were served under the yellow regime, headed by Noynoy Aquino, better known for his corrupt Disbursement Acceleration Program fund which he used to bribe congressmen and senators to impeach and convict then sitting Chief Justice, the late Renato Corona — just because Corona insisted on parceling out the Aquino-Cojuangco Hacienda Luisita to the workers and tenants.

The yellow President made sure that Corona’s replacement would be a perpetually loyal replacement, to span some 20 years. And he deliberately chose a very young and junior justice and probably even forced the Judicial and Bar Council to get Lourdes Sereno on the list for him to be able to appoint her.

The others who appear to have the blessings of Rody Duterte don’t seem too hot either. Most, if not all, were part of Rody’s Cabinet.

Six of his Cabinet members are slated to run for Senate seats. It is expected that they will be running under the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino’s faction of Sen. Koko Pimentel who will likely not be allowed to run by the Commission on Elections should someone question his senatorial candidacy since he has served for two terms already. Recall that he took over the remaining years of then resigned Sen. Migz Zubiri, which is counted as one full term. Pimentel has to wait at least three more years before he can run for a Senate seat again.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Cayetano is gunning for a congressional seat, which is a safe seat, as he may not land a Senate seat, which is why he is running for congressman of Taguig-Pateros.

Unfortunately for the Duterte Cabinet members who are expected to resign before filing their CoC, they don’t seem to be popular bets for the Senate. Then too, it has been noted that Rody’s endorsement power isn’t formidable, although it appears that the presidential daughter, Inday Sara, has a better endorsement record — at least in the Mindanao area and other regional areas whose officials have signed up for coalitions with her regional party.

How effective her endorsement power is will be tested in May 2019, depending on how many of her senatorial choices are carried by her party and her coalition partners.

As of now what is certain is that the yellows won’t make it to the Senate this time around.

Too bad for the yellows, whose political stench continues to cling to them.

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