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ANOTHER highlight of Smart’s pre-booking feature is the data roaming packages, including light web surfing and acess to social media apps for a day.

The best way to travel is to travel smart. Excluding spur of the moment decisions, traveling does not only start with stepping in a new place and taking photos of the breathtaking places one is visiting. It starts at the planning process, and smart travelers know that a huge amount can be saved if one plans ahead.

One of the best ways to maximize one’s travel funds is to buy the airfare and accommodations months before the actual date. One can score at least 50 percent off on these when booking at least six months prior. It’s even better if the deals were snatched from travel fairs that usually not only slash off prices but also give a lot of perks and freebies.

For those who already have set plans for next summer and the ensuing holidays after, there’s a travel fair happening this weekend.

Telco giant Smart holds its first Smart Travel Sale Fair on 12 to 14 October at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

The three-day affair will feature major airlines and over 100 agencies and booking partners.
Another highlight is the launch of the pre-booking feature for Smart’s data roaming packages.

Frequent travelers know this too well. In this day and age where being mobile and connected has become a way of life, data connection is a crucial plan in the itinerary.

Of course, there’s that itch to post picture-perfect selfies or capture a memorable event in a foreign yet exciting country, but there is more to having reliable data connection.

It is a must especially when traveling to a new territory. With a seamless connection, one can check the GPS or maps if one gets lost, send an SoS, or just basically look up the Internet for tips while traveling in a particular neighborhood in the country one is visiting.

Fortunately, bill shock is a thing of the past. There are already set packages for data roaming including the no-frills Roam Lite that offers light web surfing and social media apps access valid for 24 hours for as low as P150; and the P999 Giga Roam which offers 1GB of data roaming valid for five days.

What’s good about this is apps that are restricted in other territories would not be hard to access since they will be hosted by a provider from one’s country of origin. This is the advantage over buying a local SIM or renting a wifi device.

Smart’s data roaming services can be availed of in 153 countries and territories.

As a big treat, customers pre-booking at Smart’s themed booth at the event will get 50 percent discount on Smart’s data roaming products. All Smart customers can also enjoy half off on the P100 entrance fee by simply presenting a special text message from Smart before paying at the ticket counters.

For those who are set to travel next year, it’s smart to drop by this travel fair this coming weekend.

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