Poll: Fake news bugs online Pinoys


Most Filipinos are largely aware of the proliferation of fake news in social media and use the Internet mainly to check on their Facebook accounts, according to the latest Pulse Asia survey released yesterday.

The pollster said in their September 2018 survey that 88 percent of respondents who use the Internet were aware of fake news on social media with 79 percent saying they considered it widespread on social networking platforms. All of those polled have a Facebook account, according to the survey.

“Awareness of fake news on social media is reported by majorities of those who access social media accounts through the internet, not only at the national level (88 percent) but across geographic areas and socio-economic groupings as well (84 percent to 93 percent and 75 percent to 96 percent, respectively),” the survey showed.

The survey, conducted from September 1 to 7 through face-to-face interviews on 1,800 respondents, showed nearly half or 47 percent access the Internet and almost all or 94 percent of them do so using their mobile phones.

Some 98 percent of those surveyed use the Internet to check their social media accounts, the survey noted.

“Use of the internet is reported by majorities only in Metro Manila (65 percent) and the best-off Class ABC (66 percent),” Pulse Asia said. “On the other hand, only about a third of those in the Visayas and the poorest Class E use the internet (35 percent and 32 percent, respectively).”

The survey had a plus and negative 2.3 percent error margin at the 95 percent confidence level.

Pulse Asia added that the number of respondents with internet connection increased by 10 percentage points this year, fewer Filipinos use the internet to “update themselves with current events or to send, receive, and/or read emails.”

The number of respondents who “read, watch and listen” to news online dropped to 29 percent in September 2018, six percentage points lower than 35 percent in June 2017, it said.

The use of emails among the respondents also dropped to 20 percent in this year’s study, also down 6 percentage points from last year’s 26 percent.

Fewer respondents also said they go online for entertainment.

Filipinos who surf the web to watch movies, view recipes and access “other things of interest” dropped to 39 percent this year, compared to last year’s 41 percent.

Barely half of the respondents or 44 percent said they access the internet “more than once a day,” while 20 percent said they only go online “once a day,” Pulse Asia said.

A separate study earlier this year showed the Philippines has been the “world’s top social media user” for three consecutive years.

The country emerged as the country that spent the most time on social media, according to a report by creative agency We Are Social and social media management platform Hootsuite.

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