‘Adopt an energy-efficient lifestyle’


The Department of Energy (DoE) calls on the public to adopt an energy efficient way of life as an immediate coping measure given the continued soaring of petroleum product prices.

“We feel and understand the daily plight of Filipinos as the prices of basic commodities rise.

We experience the same. There are ways, however, to manage the effects of the rising costs of fuel, and some of these are actually doable solutions at home or while you’re on the road,” Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi said.

Efficient driving practices such as advanced planning of routes for everyday tasks and chores, carpooling to work and school, and the practice of fuel efficient driving habits are just some approaches that would lead to fuel savings.

At home, it may be as simple as turning off lights when not in use, and switching to LED lighting and energy efficient appliances.

“These tips, when applied in our routines, would entail savings that would allow us to budget for other basic needs of the family. We hope that we develop a mindset wherein we remain conscious of our energy consumption habits so we can have more savings not only as a family, but as a nation,” Cusi added, noting that combined energy savings from the public will also beneficially impact the country.

Aside from promoting an energy efficient lifestyle, the DoE is continuously looking for ways to help ease the effects of rising fuel costs and the current economic situation in the country.

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