A hotcake mix and a little imagination

MAYA birthday hotcake.

Many people love eating hotcakes for breakfast (and even for lunch and dinner!). With a little imagination and a few additional ingredients that you can find at home, you can quickly transform your typical breakfast staple into art, from animal shapes to birthday cakes! Get ready to add more fun and flavor to your hotcakes with these three quick and super simple ideas, then feel free to dream up your own designs.

I Love You Hotcakes are the most delicious way to send a message to your loved ones — best of all, they can eat them up after as well! Whip up the Maya Hotcake Mix and pour the batter in a squeeze bottle. On a non-stick pan, draw the reverse shape of the letters of your message with the squeeze bottle. (Make sure it is reversed so that it reads right side up when you flip the hotcake.) Put the pan on an open stove and wait for the hotcake batter to start bubbling. When bubbling stops, flip the pancake with a flat spatula. Arrange the letters accordingly. Garnish with additional toppings for decorations and extra flavor.


There are so many animals that you can make out of hotcakes, but the bears in Bear-y Cute Hotcakes are always a fan favorite. Use Maya Hotcake Mix and cook different-sized hotcakes to make the head, ears and/or body. Put the hotcakes together on the plate. Use chocolate syrup/spread and additional fruits to draw a face of the bear and other details.

Celebrate your own way by reinventing the typical cake, and adding your own toppings! Whip up the Maya Hotcake Mix and add candy sprinkles to the batter. Cook five MAYA hotcakes and stack them together. Add a thin layer of cream cheese in between each hotcake as you stack them up. Put a topping of whipped cream on top of the stack and pour candy sprinkles over the stack of hotcakes. Finish off with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar.

A BEAR Maya hotcake will be your child’s favorite.

Having fun with your hotcakes? Join the #MayaHotcakeArt contest to show off your work! All you need to do is follow Maya Hotcakes and More on Facebook and Instagram and post a photo of your Hotcake Art with the hashtag #MayaHotcakeArt. Don’t forget to make sure that the post is public!

You can send in your entries from 1 September to 31 October. The October winner will be revealed on 7 November. Submissions will be judged based on creativity, visual appeal, and social media engagement. Two winners will score P20,000 worth of Maya products and a free pass to one of Maya Kitchen’s lifestyle classes!

TURN meal time with the kids into something fun with these cute hotcakes.

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