Coiling creature


MRT-3 commuters had a quite scary experience at the Ayala Station in Makati City early Tuesday morning. They were greeted by a python coiled in the handrail leading to the underground platform around 4:40 a.m.

Some of the not-so-scared commuters took a photo of the snake with their smartphone and uploaded it on social media. The video showing the hissing creature instantly became viral garnering nearly 300,000 views within 23 hours.

Except for making commuters wonder where it came from, the snake did not harm anyone.
The snake was reported to the MRT-3 guards but it took a while before it was removed. Not that the guards were enveloped by reptilian fear. Apparently, the snake had positioned itself in a spot that was not under the jurisdiction of the railway administrator, according to reports.
The python just remained comfortably coiled in the handrail until security guards of the Ayala Land arrived to remove it.

Whether it was taken to the zoo or escaped to hide somewhere in the station, only the python, wherever it is now, knows.

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