Bullying backlash


In May, a woman was caught by an outdoor CCTV camera bullying two small children playing in a street in Manila.

For unknown reasons, Christine Joyce Ubaldo grabbed the boy by the neck with her arms and carried him a few feet away before letting him go. The boy cried after the chokehold. Not contented with what she did, Ubaldo lightly slapped the boy’s face after releasing him.

In the video footage, the boy’s playmate confronted the woman for what she did and appeared taunting her from a distance. The woman chased the little girl who ran away and caught her when she tripped and fell to the ground.

The woman pulled the child by her arm and twisted it. Before leaving her, she slapped the girl’s face.

The children reported the incident to their parents who immediately reported it to the barangay. The parents then filed a complaint against Ubaldo for alleged child abuse. They claimed Ubaldo had been bullying children especially when she was drunk.

With the video footage as evidence, the parents obtained a warrant of arrest for Ubaldo from a Manila court. Police are now hunting the woman bully who has yet to surface. Ubaldo’s mother said her daughter is not hiding and will post bail when she returns home.

For venting her ire on two innocent children for no reasons, the latter turned the tables on the woman bully. If she chased the little girl in May and hurt her, Ubaldo is now the one being pursued by police and will probably suffer the pain of getting jailed for child abuse.

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