UAE passport up in ranking


The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) passport moved to No. 8 from No. 9 in the ranking of the world’s most powerful passport.

The country, together with Bulgaria and Romania, claimed the spot in the Passport Index as Emirati citizens can now travel to 158 countries without the need for a visa before departure.

Paraguay was the latest country that signed a visa waiver agreement with the UAE. The agreement was signed last 24 September.

Last 13 September, the UAE passport ranked No. 9 in the Index and it was No. 10 on 9 July. The ranking is based on the number of destinations a country’s citizens can travel to visa-free.

The UAE’s passport ranks higher than the European Union states of Monaco, Croatia, Liechtenstein and Vatican City.

The country is trying to make its passport in the top five most powerful by 2021. Armand Arton, founder and president of Arton Capital, predicted that the country can achieve it before that year.

“Only two years away from their self-imposed deadline, they have joined the top 10 and have not lost focus on the target,” Arton Capital said in a statement, according to Gulf News.

Currently, the passports of Singapore and Germany are the most powerful travel document in the world.

Last year, UAE passport-holders can enter 132 nations visa-free. By May 2017, the covered countries jumped to 147.

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