2016 ‘first princess’ tries luck anew at MWP

ARIENNE Louise Braga Calingo, Miss World Philippines 2018 candidate No. 9.

Holy Angel University’s former lecturer of Arabic language Arienne Louise Braga Calingo, who recently graduated from Harvard University for her Master’s degree in International Education Policy and was a consultant for the UNESCO, is joining the Miss World Philippines (MWP) 2018 as Candidate No. 9.

Arienne, 26, was 2016 MWP First Princess to Catriona Gray.

She dances the ballet, plays the violin and piano, and composes poetry. She is also fond of beatboxing, photography, filmmaking and languages. She can speak Arabic, Egyptian, Spanish, Thai, Filipino, English and Indonesian.

As a teacher, she admits she is a bit strict, but also sweet. She remembers people were very surprised that she gave an Arabic quiz on the second day of teaching.

“Overall, however, I think my students and I always maintain a great connection and actually I still keep in touch with my former students. What I love is that some of my students still talk to me in Arabic outside of class and they are even interested in looking up words on their own. That is how I know that I was able to successfully spread my passion to my students. I feel fulfilled. Laus Deo Semper,” she said.
From a young age, her parents have instilled in her the values of tolerance, intercultural understanding and social justice. Education really means the world to her, too. She has presented about international education worldwide, including Thailand, South Africa and the United Kingdom.
Borne out of all her experiences in education, she conceptualized LEAD (Leaders in Education, Advocacy and Diversity). Through LEAD, she has been collaborating with fellow Kapampangan visionaries — both students and professionals — to create informal education programs for 1,500 street children of Angeles City.
Recently, she visited the artistic and talented kids from Bale-Balayan Museum for the Poor for Transformation through the Arts, a center in Angeles City that gives opportunities for these kids to learn indigenous musical instruments.
“If we cultivate a positive mindset, we can transform our struggles into strength and our obstacles into opportunities for learning and growth,” she said.
On coronation night (7 October, Sunday at the SM Mall of Arena), she hopes “to make the Kapampangan community proud.”

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