Temporary bridges sought

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Representative Carlos Roman Uybarreta (1-CARE Party-list) has suggested that President Rodrigo Duterte order military engineers to build temporary bridges in Metro Manila to ease traffic congestion.

“Temporary bridges that can be built in a few weeks can provide the swift solution while some bridges are repaired or replaced. Light vehicle traffic can be diverted to the temporary bridges,” Uybarreta, a member of the House Committee on Transportation, said on Monday.

The legislator also suggested the construction of specialized bridges just for motorcycles, bicycle, and pedestrians.

“These bridges for extra-light traffic would be easier to build and make travel safer for motorcycle riders, cyclists, and pedestrians because they will not be jostling for road space against larger vehicles,” he said.

Uybarreta said these creative solutions already exist and just have to be applied to Metro Manila and other urban areas of our country plagued with daily traffic congestion at almost all hours of the day and night.

The legislator also said the temporary bridges will be cheaper and can even be redeployed or made permanent.

The Department of Public Works and Highways reported that the following Metro Manila bridges are due for repairs:

1. Old Sta. Mesa Bridge,
2. Nagtahan Bridge,
3. Mabini Bridge,
4. Concordia Bridge,
5. Otis Bridge,
6. Sevilla Bridge, and
7. Rockwell Bridge

MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia said the widening of Rockwell bridge will take 30 months.

Uybarreta raised a point: “Kapag sinimulan na ang construction ng mga nasabing tulay, saan padadaanin ang mga tao, bisikleta, at light vehicles? Lulubha ang trapik kahit na may re-routing. Maraming buhay at negosyo ang maaapektuhan.”

“So one viable solution, I can see, since the technology is already available, is the construction of these temporary bridges in those affected areas. If proven to be effective, the solution can be expanded to include other areas in order to connect lands separated by rivers such as Pasig River and Marikina River. Such infrastructures could ease traffic congestion woes we all experience daily,” Uybarreta added.

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