Strength, thy name is Anne

ANNE Curtis with Pantene Stronger Now members Gabbi Garcia, Anna Cay, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Chi and Gabs Gibbs, Dennise Lazaro, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Joyce Pring and Say Tioco.

Strength can be measured by the weight it bears, and that is the usual test. It used to be that women and strength were such opposing ideas that could rarely be found in a sentence.

This is an irony since women bear some of the heaviest burdens in this world…hello, child bearing?

These days, however, strength is women’s most prized quality. Maybe not the literal muscle and brawn kind (although, that’s been proven too based on the recent Asian Games results), but that thing we call inner strength. The capacity to stand against, bear through and persevere through the worst that the world and life in general can throw at you.

Strength can be shown in many ways, from the most common to the non-typical. Anne Curtis-Smith paid her dues to rise from a TV sweetheart to a daring movie star with the various roles she took over the years. And embarking on a singing career may seem to her latest frontier, but wait…Anne has surprised people anew with her latest endeavor and source of strength—running marathons.

This is no joke. And actually, Anne makes no secret she intends to complete all six marathon majors in the coming years after finishing the London this year and New York marathon two years ago. That means she aims to complete the 42-kilometer (yes, 42.195 to be exact) races in Berlin, Tokyo, Chicago and Boston to be one of the few Filipinos to do so.

“It is part of the plan to hopefully one day do all the world majors! It’s actually on my dream list, “enthuses Anne during the launch of Pantene Philippines’ #StrongerNow Movement recently at the WhiteSpace in Makati.

THE actress has surprised people anew with her latest endeavor and source of strength — running marathons.

Anne shared the stage with other Pantene Philippines brand ambassadors Gabbi Garcia, Anna Cay, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Chi and Gabs Gibbs, Dennise Lazaro, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Joyce Pring, and Say Tioco. They were joined by Kevin Balot (the first Filipina transgender who competed and won Ms. International Queen 2012) and Stacy and Danah Gutierrez of

While all of these women have their own stories to tell about their struggles and triumphs over adversity, where they drew strength or how they showed strength, it would be safe to say that Anne has blazed a trail for them and Filipinas everywhere.

“It was a slow climb to achieve my dream, but with patience and willingness to learn and speak Tagalog fluently, networks, directors and producers took notice that I was improving in my craft. From then on, I have never stopped working, and now… I am ANNEstoppable,” she says.

This time, she is putting the same effort in sports. Anyone who hasn’t experienced running a marathon would not understand this newest passion, but she explains why she is in love with it.

“The values I get (from running a marathon) are discipline, dedication and patience. What got me through the first two (London and New York) was my dedication because I knew I was doing it for the children of the Philippines as I dedicated both runs to UNICEF Philippines,” says Anne, who trains very early in the morning and sometimes until 10 am.

“I sometimes have a coach but I like to run alone. As it helps me to not to rely on the push of my coach, but on myself and what I’m capable of doing. Particularly, when you feel you can’t run anymore and you’re tired, you get that euphoric moment when you psyche yourself and get yourself through it.”

SAM Purvor with the newest brand ambassador of Pantene.

With her inner strength and drive towards success, Anne appears to be the perfect lead for the Pantene Philippines’ #StrongerNow movement.

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