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From left: Faith Fernandez-Mondejar of Avon with SheTalksAsia founders Vicky Herrera, Iza Calzado and Lynn Pinugu and Pia Umayam, Philips Personal Health head.

She Talks Asia is sparking conversations not just among women but men, too.

“As we keep going through our conferences, our market keeps expanding. Even if it’s called She Talks Asia, it does not mean we’re not talking of men as well. There are a lot of men affected by this conversation too, and we are so happy to bring in everybody into this conference,” said Victoria ‘Vicky’ Herrera, She Talks Asia co-founder during the recent press conference at Discovery Primea in Makati City.

And these are meaningful sometimes controversial — conversations, aiming to educate, empower and inspire individuals who are learning to understand and better appreciate the role of women and female-identifying individuals in this fast-paced world.

“People were starting to converse — yes, from multiple points of view, but it’s okay. It’s okay to disagree because that’s what conversation does. It brings to fore the different perspectives and it also broadens your own when you hear someone whose perspective is different from yours,” acknowledged Eleanor ‘Lynn’ Panagu, She Talks Asia co-founder.

“Apart from that, we also wanted to find a place where we can all be part of some kind of healing, because we are all healing from something,” added Iza Calzado, who also co-founded She Talks Asia. “When you hear that other people are going through an extreme thing which you thought you are the only one going through, it makes you feel you are not alone. It’s not that ‘misery loves company’, it’s like ‘I’m not the only one trying to bring myself to a better place. We’re all in this together.’”

During their conversations on self-love, self-acceptance and body love, Herrera shared they realized that a lot of people struggle with this as well. “So what we really wanted to do is find ways to understand what’s going on and put it up there into the media space so that we could learn from it also,” said Herrera.

On 29 September, She Talks Asia will stage The Body Love Revolution Conference, offering an in-depth discussion on body transformations and understanding self-love, intergenerational body concerns, myths of body positivity, media and its perceptions of beauty, and the right approach to food and fitness.

“What we really wanted to do at the conference in terms of our brand is to make it okay for you to talk about what’s not okay,” said Herrera. “It helps people understand what’s going on with them without having that negative self-talk. If we can talk about it and then bring up more healing conversations, that’s a very good move for our brand in terms of what we want to contribute and add value to our market.”

The conference will start with Iza Calzado’s sharing on the topic “A Journey to Self-Love and why it Matters.” The other speakers and topics include fitness ambassador Ida Paras and actress Bianca Gonzalez who will talk about “I Come First: Discussion on Self-Love & Self-Worth.”

In the afternoon, speakers Lia Bernardo, Victoria Herrera, Mari Jasmine and Elizabeth Guss will cover “The Emotional Body: How Emotions Affect your Physical State;” Stacy and Danah Gutierrez will discuss “Myths of Body Positivity” and Nica Hechanova will talk about “Mindfulness and Meditation.”

The other topics are “Media and Our Evolving Perceptions of Beauty” by renowned photographer Sara Black, Miss Universe Catriona Gray, Radha Cuadrado, and She Talks Asia Co-founder Pinugu; “The Perfect Body: Learning from Different Generations” by Dr. Gia Sison, Nikki Gil, Jacquilou Blanco, and Patricia Prieto; and “Taking Charge of My Mind and Body” by The Fat Kid Inside Inc. founder Erwan Heusaff.

The conference will end with a movement workshop by therapist Joey Atayde where she will explain the interconnection between our body, motions and emotions.

There will also be a Body Love Exhibit which will showcase photos and moving portfolios of women of different body types across life stages. The exhibit aims to depict that no matter what size or age, each one has the power and reason to celebrate the body given to her.

The conference is a continuation of the body positivity movement that She Talks Asia launched in February 2018 through online affirmations video. The video campaign featured celebrities like Judy Ann Santos, Bea Alonzo, and James Younghusband, among others.

She Talks Asia, a movement that celebrates the modern women, was founded by four empowered Filipinas who have made a mark in their respective fields – award-winning actress and wellness advocate Iza Calzado, model/host and creative entrepreneur Victoria Herrera, editor, model/host and culture columnist Sarah Meier, and award-winning social entrepreneur and educator Lynn Pinugu.

“We all come from different backgrounds but we’re all after the same thing, which is to elevate the kind of conversation that’s happening in the Philippines in a way that is more genuine or transformative. It’s something that leads to action,” said Pinugu.

By action, she meant the workshops that She Talks Asia organizes for students. The movement believes that the conferences and dialogues won’t matter if they cannot bring the learning to the grassroots. Hence, they raise funds to finance their mentorship programs for at-risk girls. For the past two years, they have provided a three-month mentorship program for a total of 160 girls.

Part of proceeds from The Body Love Revolution conference will be used to help fund the workshops for high school and college students that they organize.

The Body Love Revolution Conference will take place at Whitespace Manila, Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The conference is co-presented by Avon Philippines and Philips Philippines, Inc.

“Avon is a company for women, and as such, we are committed to helping create a world with more empowered women. Why is that important? Because we believe that a world with more empowered women is a more beautiful world. And when you empower women, it’s actually all about removing the barriers on her way to making her feel and be at her best. So we feel that being part of this conference is something that is very much aligned with the commitment that we want to do for women. It perfectly resonates with the kind of initiatives that we also want to support,” said Faith Fernandez-Mondejar, director for Communications, Avon Asia Pacific and Philippines.

“When we heard (about) this event, we are very excited because we are very aligned in terms of what we want to communicate with Filipino consumers. Since Philips is really committed in delivering innovation to consumers and we want to support them in being healthy—not just eating healthy but the full idea of being healthy—mind, body, and soul.

That’s why we are committed in supporting She Talks Asia in this journey,” said Pia Umayam, head of Philips Personal Health.

There could still be some changes in the conference program as She Talks Asia is still waiting for confirmation from other speakers. To stay up to date on event details, speakers and topics, follow @SheTalksAsia on Instagram and Facebook, or visit their website Tickets for The Body Love Conference are available at

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