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The so-called International People’s Tribunal (IPT) that imposed a guilty verdict for whatever offense on President Rody Duterte and his “co-defendants” US President Donald Trump, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, transnational corporations and foreign banks was right out of the loony bin.

It was a poorly-crafted Red and yellow propaganda bid, coming all the way from Belgium, that has the purpose of a wholesale smear on personalities and institutions easy to sell to the controversy-oriented Western media.

The same discredited formula of senator-in-hiding Antonio Trillanes IV and his backers was involved in the IPT sham which was obviously timed for the marking of the 21 September imposition of martial law.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque speaking from his international law experience called the ruling a “sham decision” which had “no official sanction.”

“I’m in this field of law, I do not know who sat there. They appear to be a propaganda body of the international Left,” he told reporters.

“We set it aside as being a useless piece of propaganda against the government,” he said.

The script for the Belgian assembly of the IPT came from the same yellow group feeding the usual detractors since one of the goals of the non-binding verdict will be to prod the International Criminal Court (ICC) to step up its preliminary examination on Trillanes’ crimes against humanity case on Rody.

A copy of the Tribunal’s findings would be forwarded to ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda who has been quiet for some time after announcing the ICC was conducting a preliminary examination into the alleged extrajudicial killings (EJK) associated with the war on drugs.

The decisions were tailor-fitted to influence or even pressure the ICC into launching a full-blown investigation.

The IPT will also forward a report to the European Parliament and United Nations Human Rights Council which are both sympathetic to the yellow liberals.

The yellow media outlets immediately went to town with the IPT non story, saying that the sham ruling has “some credibility.”

The IPT also included in its sweeping manifesto the “ongoing harassment, extrajudicial killings of indigenous peoples and their displacements from their ancestral homes” as a result of the prevailing martial law in Mindanao.

The US State Department, incidentally, mentioned in its recently released Country Report on Terrorism Rody’s decisiveness in imposing martial law in Mindanao on the day Islamic State (IS) terrorists occupied Marawi City on 23 May last year in relation to ending a five-month siege of the Mindanao urban center.

The report noted the determined effort of the IS to set up a base in Southeast Asia and credited the state forces for a committed campaign against the terror group.

The report said that more than half of global terror incidents last year happened in five Asian countries that included the Philippines.

Solid proof that the IPT exercise was purely a smear drive was the presence of Australian missionary Patricia Fox who was deported from the country as an undesirable alien in the proceedings.

It is beyond comprehension what the bearing of the deportation order on Fox would have on the group’s inquiry into EJK allegations, except that Fox had an ax to grind against the Duterte administration which ordered her to leave the country.

Similar desperate attempts to ratchet up the yellow and Red collusion against Rody is expected as his administration chalks up more achievements.

With Filipino support beyond their reach, the critics of Rody turn to their like-minded audience abroad for some semblance of gains which, in turn, the yellows and the Reds needed to keep money from gullible donors flowing into their pockets.

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