Sonnyboy’s goose is cooked


President Duterte appears to have been right after all in revoking the amnesty on charges of it being a flawed one that had been granted Sen. Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes, who claimed he had filed an application form and admitted his guilt in the role he played in mounting at least three coups d’etat against the Arroyo government.

Duterte revoked the amnesty granted to Sonnyboy Trillanes in 2011 in relation to his involvement in mutinies against the government of then President Gloria Arroyo in 2003, 2006 and 2007.

The incumbent Palace tenant said Sonnyboy’s amnesty is flawed as he failed to admit his guilt; there is a video clip of him admitting that while he filed his application form, he and his group of rebels never admitted their guilt in the crimes.

But it also looks like Sonnyboy had trapped himself when he claimed he not only applied for amnesty, but that he also refused to admit his guilt.

Worse, it was his lawyer, Reynato Robles, who unwittingly laid the trap for Trillanes when he appealed to the court to permit him to submit secondary evidence in his bid to buttress Trillanes’ claim.

Makati court branch 150, presided over by Judge Elmo Alameda, ordered the GMA Network for an authenticated copy of its report of the former coup leader now senator availing himself of the amnesty program.

It appears to be a big mistake on the part of the Trillanes camp, as the video footage titled “Trillanes avails of amnesty, admits ‘breaking rules,’” quotes the latter as saying he and other Magdalo soldiers had filed the amnesty application form and signed their agreement to a “general admission of guilt” to violation of military rules and the Revised Penal Code.

However, also in the same video clip, Sonnyboy Trillanes, the confirmed braggart and prevaricator, is also quoted as saying he and the other rebels did not regret participating in the 2003 Oakwood Mutiny.

Quoting the report, it stated that “Trillanes said while they admitted to ‘violating some rules,’ they were not admitting guilt to the mutiny and coup d’etat charges lodged against them both in the civil and military courts.

“I would like to qualify that we did not admit to the charge of ‘coup d’etat’ or anything that was charged against us that we filed because we believe that this was not the right charges filed,” Trillanes was quoted as saying.

This admission from Sonnyboy may just have cooked his goose, as it was he who has insistently claimed that he filed an application form for the amnesty and even claimed he had admitted his guilt, while pointing to the fault of the military and defense on the missing Trillanes application form.

Not so, it seems, as there probably never was an application form and/or the admission of his guilt filed by Sonnyboy, or that the military under the yellow president may have filched these documents. After all, these missing papers may just place the then yellow defense and military officials in legal trouble for a probable cover-up in granting the coup leader amnesty despite his refusal to admit his guilt.

The admission of guilt is a condition to the amnesty grant.

The Trillanes camp that insisted the Duterte military lost the documents does not fly. It is more logical for the yellow military and defense officials to be at fault for the missing documents, given the braggart Sonnyboy Trillanes admitting that he and his Magdalo group never admitted their guilt.

The senator did state that he and his group merely broke some rules but lawyers know that rules are not law, which again provides some sort of substantiation that, indeed, Sonnyboy failed to admit his guilt in the crimes committed against the government and state.

Sonnyboy may even have gotten his own coup group into more trouble at this time when they may already all be leading relatively peaceful lives, just to save his own skin.

His sidekick, outgoing party list congressman Gary Alejano, who has taken to blasting Duterte to make himself look like a relevant candidate for the Senate next year, may find himself in the same boat as Sonny Boy if he, too, failed to admit his guilt for the crimes committed by him along with the other rebels.

At this time, it’s a guessing game whether Judge Alameda will take as evidence the video footage or not, but one thing is sure: Should the judge rule in favor of the prosecution and a warrant of arrest is issued against the senator, expect Sonnyboy to suddenly go into hiding.

Any takers for the bet?

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