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The Philippines’ first Uniqlo global flagship store is set to open in Manila on 5 October 2018.

As part of its communication campaign called “Our Future Is Here,” the Japanese global apparel retailer introduces its Future Heroes—10 local game-changers and innovators who help move Manila forward.

A celebration of Manila’s flourishing and forward-thinking culture, the Our Future Is Here campaign draws a parallel between Uniqlo products, its brand values and the character of Manila. It is a city that is full of life, diverse and always moving forward—characteristics that align perfectly to Uniqlo and its LifeWear.

Through the social media nominations that ran from June to July, Uniqlo identified and collaborated with some of Manila’s most promising individuals and groups from a range of industries and backgrounds. Marking Uniqlo’s commitment to individuality and self-expression, the list features 10 innovators and disruptors who are reinventing their industries and driving change around Manila.

SAM Lee. Film director, multimedia editor for CNN Philippines Life and a passionate advocate for women’s and LGBTQ+ rights.
LEEROY New. Contemporary artist and designer with a passion for creative collaborations tied to social and urban development.
CECILE Dominguez-Yujuico. Entrepreneur and NGO worker at Teach for the Philippines who is passionate about maximizing the use of technology for social good.
KING Puentespina (CRWN). Music producer whose passion for innovative music helps push the local music scene forward.
AYA Fernandez. Student, dancer and social entrepreneur whose passion led her to start Project Lily PH, which aims to provide livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities.
JOLO Marcelo. Free runner, parkour athlete and freelance videographer whose passion for movement has pushed him to explore Manila from a different view.
ARTS Serrano. Architect, Escolta advocate and resident who is passionate about bringing to life stories through the spaces he builds.
ELOIZA Fagsao. Student and captain of the University of the Philippines’ Women’s Football team with a passion to share her leadership skills with her peers.
Toyo Eatery. A contemporary Filipino restaurant led by chef Jordy Navarra whose passion for food has led him and his team, made up of May Navarra, JP Cruz, Kate Evangelista and Steve Jotham Hansen, to champion local cuisine and transform everyday dishes into fine dining experiences.

As part of the campaign, a series of digital and graphic pieces have been created together with the chosen personalities alongside influencers Pia Wurtzbach and Atom Araullo.

The campaign video entitled “Our Future Is Here” can be viewed on Uniqlo’s official Facebook page at

Opening with a call to act on one’s passions to make lives better, Manila richer, and tomorrow greater, the piece follows each of the heroes as they showcase their talents in the city they call home.

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