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A new type of synthetic drug called spice is creating a crisis situation in some places in the United States and Britain where their citizens, mostly the youth, have become cinematic zombies less the cannibalism.

The drug which is smoked by users can be bought for as low as P400 per bag in peso equivalent and is reportedly causing frightening street scenes in the United States and Britain where addicts lose control of their bodies and become oblivious of the world.

Because it is cheap, spice is fast wreaking chaos on both superpower nations.

Among the effects to people taking the drug are being in a zombie state for about half an hour resulting in scenes of men and women laying across the street passed out or stumbling around.

In both countries, the problem is becoming an epidemic since spice is classified as a low priority drug punishable with a light prison term.

The quick spread of the new form of narcotics, which was mutated for mass production through what amounts to as modern alchemy, is a rebuke of the western tolerance of drugs as a health problem.

It also vindicates the tough measures that President Rody Duterte had taken against narcotics, to the extent of jailing a senator, and for which he is being crucified by his yellow critics led by their attack dog Sen. Antonio Trillanes who had turned tail and is now whimpering in a corner of the Senate building.

Suspicions that spice is a product of terror groups to destroy the fabric of society of nations which they consider as enemies tie in with Rody’s view of the reciprocal relations between terrorism and drugs trafficking.

Drugs have also become the staple in the recruitment of young men to terror organizations from Syria, Iraq, Philippines and other regions in the world where they operate.

Young men without real knowledge of any particular faith or ideology are seduced by offers of the unlimited access to drugs that provide them with physical stamina and numbed mental faculties needed to undertake inhuman acts like decapitation of hostages and turning themselves into human bombs.

Committing such brazen acts is only possible through the hallucinating effects of drugs.
The preferred narcotics of members of terror groups is another synthetic product called Captagon or the “jihad pill” that produces effects more extreme than cocaine making its users capable of super-human violence while totally disabling the human conscience.
Local militants still prefer the easily sourced shabu.

Raids conducted by the military on lairs of local extremist groups discovered the Maute Group, for instance, had huge supplies of shabu, not for sale but for the use of its fighters.
Rody is among the few global leaders who is attacking the drug problem head on despite the distraction from the yellow mob and its external allies, including rights groups who sound the alarm each time a death is recorded in Rody’s war on drugs.

The country would have turned into a narco state by now had the yellow Liberal Party (LP) bet prevailed in the previous polls that Rody won overwhelmingly.

De Lima, an LP stalwart who is in detention, has been accused of orchestrating the drugs trade inside the New Bilibid Prison to raise campaign funds in the 2016 polls.

Rody also suggested a possible link between rights groups and the global narcotics trade which gives impetus to their coordinated attacks with the yellow mob and its media on the war on drugs.

Efforts to have Rody convicted with the flawed crimes against humanity allegations before the Internatioal Criminal Court is brought to a new light with the global collusion.

Such conspiracy may go all the way up in the global power equation since the United States and some of its allies have been suspected of supporting terrorism and then turning around to fight it.

Rody may have an inkling of such a complicity in lumping together world powers and the yellow mob as standing in the way of his determined effort to end the drugs menace.

Rody’s credo that all evils facing the nation today is rooted in narcotics proved true and Filipinos are now reaping benefits from it.

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