The role a “house husband” is gaining acceptance among Filipino men, a report said.
One example is Jason Burdado, who was quoted in a report as saying he is not ashamed doing the household chores instead of his wife.

He said he takes care of the laundry, cooking and giving their children their bath while his wife is working.

Jason said he agreed to such arrangement for practical reasons. He added his wife is actually earning more from her catering business than he did when he was driving a jeepney.

“My wife earns around P1,200 daily while I used to bring home only around P700 a day,” he said.

While Filipino “macho” culture frowns upon the practice with the mocking term “under de saya” (under the skirt), Jason said he does not mind it.

“When my wife arrives home that’s her time to rest. I even give her a massage. That’s what real men do. That’s macho,” he said.

At least, when it comes to laundry, it’s Jason who has the final say: The whites must be washed separately from the colored clothes.

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