Kit detects shrimp early mortality

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A technology that detects early mortality syndrome (EMS) in shrimp can help farmers raise production of the high-value commodity.

The loop mediated as a thermal amplification (LAMP) branded as JAMP Alert kit works under one temperature condition and generates results in only an hour. It is affordable, easy to use and reliable in detecting EMS.

University of Santo Tomas Professor Dr. Mary Beth B. Maningas said they substituted L with J in the name of the kit to denote that the technology is a Filipino (Juan) innovation and developed for Juan.

The technology addresses the problems faced by farmers like outsourcing of the diagnostic to accredited agencies, expensive and difficult to use test products and limited testing centers.

Maningas explained the benefits of the technology and demonstrated how it can help the ordinary farmer through a forum titled, “LAMP Kit for Shrimp Early Mortality Syndrome” held at Function Room 2, World Trade Center, Pasay City during the National Science and Technology Week on 19 July 2018.

The forum was organized by the Inland Aquatic Resources Research Division in cooperation with the Forestry and Environment Research Division of the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology.

The forum also saw Maningas demonstrate LAMP Kit’s usefulness in the site or farm; its effectiveness in terms of sensitivity and specificity, its price competitiveness compared with those in the market and its easy to use interface that does not require technically skilled personnel.

Shrimp is the highest valued aquaculture commodity worldwide. Its value is higher than salmon and tuna. It is a $40-billion industry and 90 percent of this value is accounted by the Asian market including the Philippines.

However, the industry is plagued by fungal, viral, or bacterial diseases. The Philippines, which was ranked third in shrimp production in the 90s, have fallen to sixth due to several disease outbreaks.

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