Drew Arellano: A father’s angst


By Gabrielle R. Borromeo, Contributor

“Am I going to be a great father?” Drew Arellano, a well-known Filipino travel host and actor, asked himself when Primo, his son with Iya Villania-Arellano, was born.

“As a first-time parent, oh man, I’m telling you, I’m sure you know this, but parenthood seems to come naturally for the mother. Before giving birth, mothers usually question themselves with ‘Am I going to be a great mother?’ So, of course, the father is also going to be questioning the same thing, ‘Am I going to be a great father?’” Drew narrated.

During the launch of Cerelac’s “Let’s eat, Bulilit!” at the UCC Park Café, Makati, Drew paced the room, microphone in hand. It was as if he was reliving the day he was questioning himself. “But when the baby’s there, it’s automatic, boom! The maternal instincts of the mother are quick — it was like Iya knew exactly what to do — while I was in all caps questioning myself again, ‘WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!’ Even in changing the diaper, or giving the baby a bath, or what to feed Primo—everything was a challenge! This is why I am so thankful for Cerelac.”

A brand of instant cereal made by Nestlé, Cerelac is promoted for infants six months and older as a supplement to breast milk when it is no longer the sole item in an infant’s diet. However, according to experts, it is important that mothers continue breastfeeding babies as long as they can.

Cerelac is also the first food that babies eat after weaning from the breast milk. This established product from Nestlé has remained a part of the early years of most babies. The manufacturers use the highest quality possible ingredients that suit the baby and its requirements of diet and growth. This type of food supplement in Cerelac is nutrient-dense and ideal for the small tummy of children. As the baby starts rapid development and growth after the six months stage, it is time to spoon feed with solid food that is suitable for this age.

Drew and Primo, the father-and-son face of Cerelac, teaches the joy of messy but healthy mealtimes. “Let’s eat, Bulilit!” is Cerelac’s way of helping parents make that big step towards complementary feeding and ensure that their children get the right food.

“Raising Primo, who is almost two years old, is a sure blessing and a challenge for the both of us, but more for me. Iya is such a natural mother, but because of how she takes care of our son. That was where I saw, ‘Oh so that’s how it’s done.’ You also really learn from reading books, watching videos and interacting with other fellow parents. It’s a process you really must go through to become a better parent. I could never compare myself to another parent because every one is different in their own special way. If I question myself, ‘Am I a good parent?’ I don’t know, but I know I’m trying. We’re both very lucky that we have this setup. Both Iya and I have the same mindset. That’s very important before you move, before you progress.”

Drew was chosen to be the face of Cerelac because he is a certified millennial parent aspiring to be the best dad ever. What can be seen in millennial parents is the unit — how both parents make it work out. It’s not just about the mother, but also the role of the father, trying to find his way to becoming the #1 dad.

For more information on Cerelac, visit https://www.nestle.com.ph/ or like @cerelac.ph on Facebook.

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